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American Public Transportation Association

 Classifieds for April 20, 2018

Passenger Transport classified ads are the leading marketplace for the public transportation industry. In every biweekly issue, transit systems and businesses place their requests for bids and proposals, help wanted notices, and for sale advertisements - and they get results. All classifieds that appear in print also appear in the online electronic version of Passenger Transport, reaching more than 18,000 readers. 


Table Of Contents

  • Bids/Proposals

    • Ben Franklin Transit - RFP


      Ben Franklin Transit, (hereinafter referred to as BFT), a municipal corporation of the State of Washington, located at 1000 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA, is requesting proposals from qualified contractors for the following; Supplemental Contracted Services provide connections and services to our community outside regular service hours. Primary users include customers needing mobility for non-traditional work hours, night classes, evening medical appointments, etc.

      The two services are listed below:
      A. Fixed Route Connector (Feeder Service) - Connector service provides access to our fixed route service to those beginning one mile and up to four miles beyond a fixed route.
      B. Connector Plus (Night and Sunday Service) - Connector Plus service is available outside of BFT fixed route service hours.
      Pre-proposal meeting will be held on 4/3/2018 at 3:00 PM (PDT). Proposals are due no later than 2:00 PM (PDT) on 5/22/2018. A copy of RFP 10-18 may be obtained at 1000 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 99352, or by contacting Rob Orvis, Procurement Manager, (509) 734-5125, e-mail:

      Protest Procedure Policy

      BFT’s protest procedure policy can be obtained by contacting Rob Orvis, Procurement Supervisor, by the above address or phone number. Contractors who can demonstrate substantial economic interest may protest BFT’s decision regarding a provision of the Request for Proposal or contract award.

      Equal Employment Opportunity

      The contractor will be required to comply with all applicable Equal Employment laws and regulations.

      Disadvantaged Business Goals

      BFT affirmatively ensures that disadvantaged and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (W/DBE’S) will be afforded full opportunity to submit proposals to this request and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.

      WISHA and OSHA Regulations

      The contractor agrees to abide by all laws, rules and regulations promulgated by the United States of America, the State of Washington, or any agencies or subdivisions thereof, specifically including WISHA and OSHA regulations currently in effect during contract term.

      Contractors will be required to follow all Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations.

      BFT reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in offers received. This Request for Proposals may be canceled and any and all Proposals may be rejected in whole or in part when it is in the best interest of BFT.

    • City of Gainesville - ITB


      Notice is hereby given that the City of Gainesville,
      Florida will receive sealed bids for “Uniforms for
      Regional Transit System Operations Employees”, ITB

      A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be
      held on May 3, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. (local time). Sealed
      bids will be received by the City of Gainesville until
      3:00 p.m. (local time), on May 17, 2018 at which time
      bids will be publicly opened.

      The City utilizes to perform bid
      notification and document fulfillment. They can be
      reached at 1-800-711-1712 or
      For additional information please contact the City of
      Gainesville’s Purchasing Division representative at
      (352) 393-8794.

      The City of Gainesville reserves the right to reject
      any and all bids received in response to the Invitation
      to Bid as determined to be in the best interest of the
      City of Gainesville.

    • VIA Metropolitan Transit - RFP

      VIA CONTRACT #18-177

      VIA Metropolitan Transit is seeking proposals from
      responsible firms for VIAtrans Transportation Services
      – ADA Complementary Paratransit, VIATrans
      Flex, and VIAtrans Same-Day Subsidy. Proposals
      will be accepted until 4:45 PM, June 8, 2018. Proposals
      received after that time and date will not be

      A Pre-proposal Conference will be held at 10:00
      AM, April 25, 2018, in the VIA Metro Center (VMC)
      Terry Eskridge Conference Room, located at 1021 San
      Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

      Proposal documents may be obtained from VIA’s
      Procurement Department, 800 W. Myrtle, Suite 203,
      San Antonio, Texas 78212. Please visit to register with VIA and to download
      the document. Information on current solicitations
      is listed under the View Procurement Opportunities

    • Transdev - RFP


      Transdev will receive sealed proposals on behalf of
      the River Parishes Transit Authority (RPTA) for the
      oversight of operating, administrative and financial
      aspects of the public transit service in St. Charles and
      St. John the Baptist Parishes, Louisiana.

      Deadline for submittal of the Proposals is
      4:30 p.m. (CT) on June 7, 2018. Service and Cost
      Proposal packages shall be submitted with one easily
      reproducible original of each, in separate, sealed
      envelopes labeled “Service Proposal for the RPTA”
      and “Cost Proposal for the RPTA” and shall be mailed
      or hand delivered to:
      Stacy Van Sickle
      Regional Grants Manager, SE Region
      149 Woodland Dr.
      Laplace, LA 70068

      Correspondence shall include contact name,
      address, telephone, fax, and email information.
      Copies of the Request for Proposals (RFP) can be
      downloaded from the River Parishes Transit Authority
      website at For a hard copy,
      contact Transdev at or
      (504) 313-0176.

      A pre-proposal conference will be held on May
      3, 2018. Details about the time and location are in
      the RFP package. All questions must be submitted
      in writing and may be mailed or sent via email to
      Ms. Van Sickle and received no later than 4:30 p.m.
      May 10, 2018.

      This project is funded in part by Federal Transit
      Administration grants under 49 U.S.C. Sec. 5311 and
      49 U.S.C. Secs. 5309 and 5307. All proposals must
      be received on time and in full compliance with the
      instructions contained in this RFP. The RPTA reserves
      the right to reject any and all Proposals, to withdraw
      this solicitation at any time and to waive any
      informality or irregularities in any of the Proposals
      received, and to award to the offeror whose proposal
      best meet the needs of the RPTA Public Transportation

    • Town of Lexington, MA - RFP


      The Town of Lexington, Massachusetts has issued
      an RFP for the Tri-Town Efficiency & Regionalization
      Transit Study, which pertains to the towns of Lexington,
      Bedford, and Burlington, Massachusetts. These
      three communities have entered into a collaborative
      process and seek a consultant(s) to assess their overall
      transportation needs and identify possible coordination
      opportunities in order to enhance service and
      efficiencies through shared resources.

      RFPs are available here:

      Proposals are due by 4:30PM on May 4, 2018.

    • Johnson City Transit - RFP

      RFP #R6174

      Johnson City Transit (JCT), is seeking the proposals
      for the procurement and delivery of 30’ Low Floor
      Heavy Duty Diesel Buses. Please email purchasing@ for more information.
      RFP can be downloaded at:
      —Pre-Proposal Meeting: Thursday, April 19th
      10:00 a.m. EST. 137 W. Market St. Johnson City, TN
      —Proposer communications and requests for
      approved equals: Accepted no later than 3:00 pm
      Thursday, May 10, 2018.
      —Responses to Proposer’s questions, clarifications
      and requests for approved equals posted as City
      addenda: Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. EST.
      Proposal Due date Wednesday, June 6, 2018
      at 2:30 p.m. EST.

    • National Transit Institute - RFS


      Date for receipt of submissions: THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2018 by 2:00 PM (EST)
      The National Transit Institute (NTI) is seeking
      submissions from qualified professionals to develop
      a survey tool for small and rural transit agencies to
      determine their particular training needs from the
      existing NTI course offerings. Qualified firm will also
      administer the survey to FTA Section 5307 recipients
      in urban areas under 200,000 and FTA Section 5311
      recipients, and will analyze the survey results, prepare
      a final report, and make a presentation to NTI
      and FTA. The maximum amount of funds that NTI has
      available to conduct this work is $49,500.

      The goal of the survey is to provide NTI with a list
      of courses that should be adapted in the short term (1
      year to 18 month horizon) for the particular training
      needs of small and rural transit agencies.
      The submitter will work with NTI to identify the
      courses that will be included in the survey to determine
      which need to be adapted for small and rural
      transit agencies. Once identified, the submitter will
      develop an internet based survey tool to administer
      the survey.

      The submitter will administer the survey to small
      and rural transit agencies as defined above. NTI is
      seeking to have as many responses as possible and
      definitely desires a statistically valid response from
      the universe of potential survey respondents.

      The submitter shall analyze the survey results
      and prepare a final written report in both print and
      electronic versions. The final report shall indicate
      which of the NTI courses need to be adapted to the
      training needs of small and rural transit agencies. If
      possible, the adaptation needs should be listed in
      priority order.

      Rutgers University is an equal opportunity employer
      and is committed to provide opportunities
      to small business, minority-owned businesses and/
      or female-owned businesses. These businesses are
      encouraged to submit.

      To obtain a copy of the complete solicitation,
      email Paul Larrousse at
      The request must contain “Small Systems Survey”
      in the subject line. Telephone requests are unacceptable.

      Agency: The National Transit Institute
      Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
      120 Albany Street, Suite 250
      New Brunswick, NJ 08901
      ATTN: Paul Larrousse, Director

    • Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation - RFP

      NO. 150-TRIADTECH-0418

      Invitation is released to qualified firms and vendors
      to submit a proposal on the referenced contract opportunity.
      The Request for Proposal, Transit Ticketing
      Mobile App and Passenger Faring is made available
      April 6, 2018, and deadline for submission is May 17,
      2018. The Request for Proposal, and all related documentation
      and related communication is posted at PART is
      an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
      that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
      national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in employment
      or the provision of services.

    • Valley Transit - RFP


      Valley Transit, a department of the City of Appleton,
      is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to implement
      an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to
      assist in managing approximately 31 transit vehicles
      in fixed-route service. The Contract is estimated to
      commence on July 1, 2018.

      Proposals shall be received until 10:00 A.M.
      on May 9, 2018 in the office of Valley Transit, 801 S.
      Whitman Ave., Appleton, Wisconsin 54914. Proposals
      received after 10:00 A.M. will not be accepted. Actual
      receipt of the proposal by the above stated time is
      required and deposit in the U.S. mail is insufficient.

      The envelope containing the proposal shall bear
      the name of the interested vendor and the notation
      “Proposal for Intelligent Transportation System RFP
      VT18-001” on the outside of the sealed envelope.
      Proposals should be submitted by mail, delivery or in
      person. No fax or email submissions will be accepted.

      Valley Transit reserves the right to reject in whole
      or in part, any and all proposals, to waive any informalities,
      and to accept the proposal determined to
      be in the best interest of Valley Transit regardless of
      whether the accepted proposal is the lowest price.
      This Request for Proposals may be canceled if determined
      to be in the best interest of Valley Transit.

      The RFP can be found on the City of Appleton’s

    • Ben Franklin Transit - RFP

      RFP 06-18

      Ben Franklin Transit, (hereinafter referred to as BFT),
      a municipal corporation of the State of Washington,
      located at 1000 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA, is
      requesting proposals from qualified non-profit agencies
      and contractors interested in providing high
      quality, advance reservation, curb-to-curb and doorto-
      door paratransit services to individuals certified as
      eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act and
      an Automated Fluid Management System for BFT’s
      maintenance facility.

      Pre-proposal meeting will be held on 3/26/2018
      at 1:00 PM (PDT). Proposals are due no later than
      2:00 PM (PDT) on 5/15/2018. A copy of RFP 06-
      18 may be obtained at 1000 Columbia Park Trail,
      Richland, WA 99352, or by contacting Rob Orvis,
      Procurement Supervisor, (509) 734-5125, e-mail:

      Protest Procedure Policy
      BFT’s protest procedure policy can be obtained
      by contacting Rob Orvis, Procurement Supervisor,
      by the above address or phone number. Contractors
      who can demonstrate substantial economic interest
      may protest BFT’s decision regarding a provision of
      the Request for Proposal or contract award.

      Equal Employment Opportunity

      The contractor will be required to comply with all
      applicable Equal Employment laws and regulations.
      Disadvantaged Business Goals
      BFT affirmatively ensures that disadvantaged
      and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (W/DBE’S)
      will be afforded full opportunity to submit proposals
      to this request and will not be discriminated against
      on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in
      consideration for an award.

      WISHA and OSHA Regulations

      The contractor agrees to abide by all laws, rules
      and regulations promulgated by the United States
      of America, the State of Washington, or any agencies
      or subdivisions thereof, specifically including WISHA
      and OSHA regulations currently in effect during
      contract term.

      Contractors will be required to follow all Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations.
      BFT reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals
      and to waive informalities and minor irregularities
      in offers received. This Request for Proposals may be
      canceled and any and all Proposals may be rejected
      in whole or in part when it is in the best interest of

    • Southern California Regional Rail Authority - RFP

      RFP No. EP192-18

      The Southern California Regional Rail Authority
      (“Authority”) invites proposals from qualified firms
      to perform the Rebuild of Bombardier Rail Cars for
      the Metrolink Commuter Rail System. The estimated
      value for these Services is $30,000,000 to $35,000,000
      for the Base Order.

      Requests for Proposal (RFPs) may be obtained
      via download at:
      doing_business. (Vendors must register on the website
      in order to download the document). Electronic
      Proposal Submittals are due at 2:00 p.m. (PT) on
      May 4, 2018.

      The Authority will conduct a Pre-Proposal Conference
      at 2:00 p.m. (PT) on Thursday, April 5, 2018,
      at the Authority’s offices located at the Authority’s
      Central Maintenance Facility (CMF) location, 1555 San
      Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA. Prospective Proposers
      are strongly encouraged to attend.

      The contract to be awarded is subject to a financial
      assistance agreement between the Authority and
      U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) under
      grants issued by the Federal Transit Administration.
      In conformance with the Authority’s Disadvantaged
      Business Enterprise (DBE) Policy and Program the
      Authority has established a 4% DBE contract-specific
      goal on this project. Prime Proposers will be required
      to either meet the DBE goal or submit an adequate
      Good Faith Effort (GFE) demonstrating intent to meet
      the goal, for their Proposal to be deemed responsive
      to DBE Program requirements.

      Questions regarding this procurement should
      be submitted no later than 2:00 p.m. (PT) on April
      16, 2018. For further information contact: Angelos
      Kastrisianakis, Senior Contract and Compliance Administrator,

      4/9, 4/23/18

    • National Transit Institute - RFP

      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL #101361103

      RFP Release Date: MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018
      Date for receipt of proposals: FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018 by 2:00 PM (EST)

      The National Transit Institute (NTI) is seeking
      proposals from qualified professionals to facilitate its
      new Fare Policy Analysis course. In addition, NTI may
      periodically request proposers to edit/update the
      existing course materials.

      NTI’s Fare Policy Analysis course is a two-day
      training course that is intended to help those entities
      responsible for the development of fare policy,
      and to aid in the understanding of policy goals and
      objectives, fare structure, and fare collection and
      emerging fare technologies.

      Upon completion of the course participants will
      be able to:
      • Identify key aspects of fare policy
      • Define key terms important to fare policy
      • Examine issues influencing fare policy decisions
      • Examine pricing strategies and payment options
      • Describe costs and benefits of fare collection
      • Examine fare equity issues and data needs
      • Discuss communication and outreach methods

      The course is designed so that maximum input
      will be elicited from students. A high level of interaction
      is encouraged between the instructors and

      Rutgers University is an equal opportunity employer
      and is committed to provide opportunities
      to small business, minority-owned businesses and/
      or female-owned businesses. These businesses are
      encouraged to submit proposals.

      To obtain a copy of the complete Request for Proposal,
      email Sara Vecchio at sv298@finance.rutgers.

      edu .The request must contain “RFP# 101361103
      – Fare Policy Analysis – TCR11” in the subject line.
      Telephone requests are unacceptable.

      Agency: The National Transit Institute
      Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
      University Procurement Services
      33 Knightsbridge Road, 1st Floor, East Wing
      Piscataway, NJ 08854
      ATTN: Sara Vecchio, Senior Category Analyst

    • Gadabout Transportation - RFP

      SERVICES, INC. (Gadabout)

      Proposals for Gadabout Transportation Services, Inc.
      (Gadabout), Transit Management Technologies Consultant
      for procurement assistance of new technologies
      in scheduling and dispatch will be accepted at
      737 Willow Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850 up until 4:30PM
      on May 17, 2018.

      Proposal packages containing submittal requirements
      are available at Gadabout (address above),
      by calling (607) 277-9388 ext. 200, e-mail at:, and
      via website
      Printed RFP packages are also available through

      Gadabout reserves the right to waive any informal
      submittal, or to reject any or all proposals and
      to negotiate with any proposer. Gadabout hereby
      notifies all proposers that in regard to any contract
      entered into, pursuant to this RFP, advertisement or
      solicitation, disadvantaged business enterprises will
      be afforded full opportunity to submit proposals in
      response and will not be subject to discrimination
      on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin in
      consideration for an award.

      Kristen Wells
      Executive Director
      Gadabout Transportation
      737 Willow Ave.
      Ithaca, NY 14850

    • New Flyer International - RFB

      Title: Notice to MBE’s, DBE’s and WBE’s

      A national OEM parts distributor is interested in identifying viable suppliers for ongoing competitive bid requirements.

      Product lines and qualifications can be directed to NFI Parts, 630 Kernaghan Ave., Door 76 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2C 5G1
      Attn: Robyn DeVisser Ph: 204-957-8679

    • South Bend Public Transportation Corporation - RFP


      Request for Qualifications
      The South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (Transpo) is requesting proposals from qualified firms until 10:00 a.m. (EST) on Friday, May 18, 2018 to submit a request for qualifications for the hiring of a General Manger. To obtain an RFQ packet or for more information please contact Jamie Woods General Legal Counsel, by via email,
      The procurement for qualifications for the hiring of a General Manger shall follow Transpo’s policies and FTA requirements for competitive procurement.  The successful contractor will be required to comply with the applicable Equal Opportunity Laws and Regulations.  Transpo, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended and 49 CFR Part 26, will afford Disadvantaged Business Enterprises full opportunity to respond and will not discriminate against any interested firm or person on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin in the review of qualifications or contract award.

  • Help Wanted

    • TriMet - Assistant Manager


      As our all-new Assistant Manager of Bus and Rail
      Operations (Rules, Procedures, & Instructions) you
      will maintain and update critical standard operating
      procedures (SOPs) for our Operations employee base.
      You will develop a variety of new and creative communication
      strategies to current TriMet employees,
      informing them of SOP changes, while also assisting
      with the supervision, hiring, and training of our
      bus and rail operators. You will also be partnering
      with and leading your staff to improve our service
      to customers through programs that support our
      continuous improvement efforts. This isn’t just a desk
      job though! You will be expected to be in the field
      with our operators and other front-line staff, observing
      how SOP updates affect our employees and our
      customers, and also coordinating a variety of projects
      and researching public information requests.

      Essential Functions

      • Provide direct supervision and effective leadership
      for any direct reports including oversight
      of hiring, training and shift scheduling. Evaluate
      and monitor individual performance. Provide individual coaching, mentoring and counseling.
      • Ensure all staff certifications are current.
      • Assist with the development and oversight of
      department policies, operating rules, procedures,
      instructions, communication protocols,
      business processes, training and staff, including
      setting goals and performance objectives for
      work groups and individuals, evaluating and adjusting,
      as needed, to achieve the desired results.
      Minimum Qualifications
      • Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration,
      Transportation/Logistics, Urban Planning, Technical
      Writing, or a related discipline.
      • Minimum 10 total years of work experience,
      with experience in the management of bus or
      rail operations with 3 years in a supervisory role
      in one of the following areas: Control Center,
      Field Operations, Transportation, and/or training
      • Intermediate skills with Word, Excel, Outlook,
      database applications, and other software application.
      • Must posses valid Class C drivers license, and
      have the ability to obtain a Class B Commercial
      Driver’s License with passenger endorsement
      and without airbrake restriction.

      To apply, visit

    • Pitkin County, CO - Regional Transportation Director


      Pitkin County, located in Aspen, Colorado, is looking
      for a Regional Transportation Director that will
      report directly to the County Manager. This firsttime,
      dynamic position will include working with
      the Elected Officials Transportation Committee and
      surrounding towns in the Roaring Fork Valley to
      coordinate long-range planning efforts and projects
      to develop an integrated transportation plan for our
      valley. We live in a beautiful place surrounded by
      the Rocky Mountains but do not let our small town
      fool you, we have world-class food, music, arts and
      recreational activities that match a big city. We strive
      for a high quality of life and offer a competitive salary
      with great benefits, retirement contributions,
      ski-pass discounts and much more. Please visit for more information.

    • City of LaCrosse - Transit Manager


      Are you a big picture thinker who likes to be involved
      in day-to day operations?

      This opportunity will allow you to oversee your
      team, write grants, negotiate rates and set/achieve

      If you are a strategic thinker ready to roll-up your
      sleeves, keep reading below!
      As a Transit Manager, you will have the opportunity
      • Plan and oversee the day-to-day activities,
      operations, and development of programs
      pertaining to public transportation, including
      improvements, promotion and safety.
      • Prepare the annual operating and capital improvement
      budgets while enforcing cost controls.
      • Serve as liaison with state and federal agencies
      regarding transit matters and aid programs, ensuring
      input of transit system related interests by
      serving on local, state, and professional boards.
      • Prepare annual state and federal operating and
      capital grant applications.
      • Negotiate major leases, service contracts and
      other agreements with surrounding communities
      and transit vendors by maintaining effective
      and professional relationships.
      As the Transit Manager you will enjoy:
      • Competitive salary
      • Comprehensive Benefit Plan-medical, Wisconsin
      Retirement Plan, deferred compensation, life
      insurance, dental, paid holidays, sick pay and
      vacation days
      • Executive status within the beautiful city of La
      Crosse, WI
      Transit Manager Requirements:
      • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration,
      Finance or related field with five years of transit
      operations experience; or combination of education
      and experience that provides equivalent
      knowledge, skills and abilities
      • Three to five years public transit supervisory
      • Valid Wisconsin Commercial B Driver’s License
      with passenger endorsement required (to be
      obtained within 30 days of hire)
      • Proven organizational skills with ability to
      handle multiple priorities at one time
      • Strong written and oral communication skills
      • Knowledge of DOT regulations

      For more details and to apply, go to:

    • Link Transit - Safety and Training Officer

      $65,000 – 80,000

      Located in the center of Washington State,
      Wenatchee is at the base of the Cascade Mountain
      range, bordered by the Columbia and Wenatchee
      rivers. A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts: water and
      snow skiers, bikers, hikers, and climbers live and visit
      the area. Attractive to medical and business professionals,
      families and retirees alike.

      Link Transit’s Safety and Training Officer is responsible
      for developing and implementing workforce
      training and safety programs. Serves as Safety
      Officer. Reviews accident investigations and assures
      appropriate documentation thereof. Tracks, reports,
      and analyzes safety data and statistics. Keeps management
      apprised of safety-related regulations,
      requirements and related training needs.

      Oversees the Coach Operator training program
      and coordination of Agency-wide training programs.

      For additional details and to apply go to

    • MTA Metro-North Railroad - Certified Locomotive Engineers

      MTA Metro-North Railroad is currently looking for
      Certified Locomotive Engineers.

      Qualified Candidates must possess:
      1) Must be a Certified Locomotive Engineer pursuant
      to CFR Part 240 on a Class 2 or preferred Class
      1 Railroad.
      2) Three (3) years full time equivalent of verifiable
      experience operating trains in a general Railroad
      System environment.
      3) Must possess a high school diploma, GED or

      MTA Metro-North offers a comprehensive benefit
      package, Career growth and excellent salary.

      Please visit WWW.MTA.Info for more information
      and to apply. Posting #92885, closing date May 2,

    • Metrolink - Public Affairs Manager


      $78,048.00 - $121,965.00 Annually

      METROLINK is seeking a Public Affairs Manager
      who will work with the Public Affairs staff in creating
      a program designed to build and maintain
      relationships with communities, city staff and other

      Position requires a BA/BS in Public Relations,
      Communications, English, Marketing or related field,
      and minimum of 5 years’ experience in Communications
      or Public Relations, with experience in a government

      This is a continuous recruitment with the first
      review of applications occurring 4/25/18. Interested
      candidates are encouraged to apply immediately.
      For additional information and to apply, visit


    • Metrolink - Network Engineer I


      $72,322 - $113,007 Annually

      METROLINK is seeking a Network Engineer I who
      will provide hands-on solutions in the definition,
      development and support of the architecture and
      technologies supporting the enterprise.
      Position will support the Agency’s infrastructure
      by defining strategic and tactical technology solutions.
      Requires a BA/BS in CIS, BIS or related field,
      and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience as a
      Network Engineer with both hardware and software

      This is a continuous recruitment with the first
      review of applications occurring 4/25/18. Interested
      candidates are encouraged to apply immediately.
      For additional information and to apply, visit


    • Metrolink - Management Analyst I


      $53,612.00 - $83,776.00 Annually

      METROLINK is seeking a Management Analyst
      who will support, maintain and improve project management
      practices in daily Fare Collection System
      activities and ensure that the Agency’s fare collection
      system is continuously operational.

      Requires BA/BS in Engineering, Business Administration,
      Project Management or related field, 2 years
      of work experience performing similar duties in a
      construction or project management field.
      This is a continuous recruitment with the first
      review of applications occurring 4/25/18. Interested
      candidates are encouraged to apply immediately.
      For additional information and to apply, visit


    • Texas Transit Association

      Work Location: Austin, Texas
      Report To: TTA Board President
      Salary: $65,000 - BOE

      General Summary: The Executive Director is the primary contact for the Texas Transit Association (TTA). The Executive Director reports directly to the TTA Board President and is accountable to the board through the Board President. The Executive Director is responsible for managing the programs, operations, finances, and staff of the TTA. The Executive Director serves as the primary liaison between the TTA board, the membership, state and federal agencies, state and federal government, and other transit industry associations.


    • Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District - Chief Real Estate & Development Officer


      NICTD intends to hire a pro-active, team-focused, and enthusiastic Chief Real Estate & Development Officer who will lead and supervise all aspects of the South Shore Line’s real estate and development functions primarily, but not limited to, NICTD’s Double Track NWI and West Lake Corridor Projects. Working in tandem with project managers, project staff, consultants, and other project stakeholders, this person will ensure that all facets of real estate acquisition and management for the Double Track NWI and West Lake Corridor Projects occur on schedule and within budget. Qualifications, job details, and application instructions are at:

      Salary and Benefits: Salary is projected between $80,000 to $110,000 based on education, skills, and work history. The benefit package includes full health benefits for the employee and family, vacation, compensatory time, supplemental pension, and other fringe benefits. The position is eligible for relocation benefits.

      Deadline to Apply: 5 p.m., June 29, 2018. Apply early; NICTD reserves the option to close this opportunity before the stated deadline.

    • Valley Metro - Superintendent, Light Rail Vehicle Maintenance

      ​Join the Valley Metro team and be a part of a fast-growing city and transit agency that is operating, planning and building a 66-mile high-capacity/light rail transit system. The Light Rail Vehicle Superintendent will lead the manufacturing and introduction of new light rail and streetcar fleet, with more than 80 vehicles being deployed across the next 5 – 7 years. In addition to new fleet, the LRV Superintendent will have the opportunity to spearhead the overhaul program for the existing 50-car rail fleet.

      The LRV Superintendent is part of a large team focused on operational excellence, high-quality expansion and, ultimately, building a system that connects communities and enhances lives. With more than 250,000 daily transit riders (50,000 of which ride light rail), the Valley Metro Rail system has transformed the Valley of the Sun and we continue to seek innovative team leaders to support our positive momentum.

      Valley Metro is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

      SALARY: $83,632.00 - $125,448.00 ANNUALLY

      This recruitment is open until filled with the first review of applications occurring on April 27, 2018.

      Please include a current resume with your application.

      The Superintendent, Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Maintenance is responsible for directing, planning, and implementing the maintenance and repair of the LRV.

      Typical duties include: managing vehicle configuration through the modification approval process and updating maintenance procedures to reflect vehicle system changes; coordinating with Capital and Service Development, providing specifications, training and procedural requirements of new equipment and service contracts; ensuring the operational efficiency and work quality of Valley Metro’s maintenance, preventative maintenance inspections, and repair for all LRV equipment; developing and implementing policies and procedures; managing staff and resources; establishing standards and coordinating work activities with consultants/contractors; managing LRV spare parts inventory and supplies.


    • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Project Manager, Vertical Transportation Maintenance

      BULLETIN NO: 004627-002
      Salary Range: $100,048 - $125,070 - $150,072

      Closing Date: Open Until Filled

      Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Public Transportation Services Corporation - Project Manager, Vertical Transportation Maintenance

      LA Metro has an exciting career opportunity for a Project Manager in Vertical Transportation Maintenance. Qualified candidates must have 5 years’ project management experience overseeing elevator and escalator maintenance/repair activities, conducting technical design review, and/or technical inspection of elevators/escalators and a Bachelor’s Degree (additional experience may be substituted for education). National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities (NAESA) Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) certification is desirable.

      Application Procedure

      To apply, visit Metro’s website at and complete an Online Employment Application.
      Note: All completed online Employment Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.
      Metro/PTSC is an equal employment opportunity employer.

    • Toronto Transit Commission - Chief Executive Officer


      Guided by a new and ambitious Corporate Plan, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), North America’s third largest transit system, has embarked on a 5-year journey to transform into a transit system that makes Toronto proud. Our ongoing recruitment efforts are strategically aligned with the TTC’s corporate mission “to provide a reliable, efficient, and integrated bus, streetcar, and subway system that draws its high standards of customer care from our rich traditions of safety, service and courtesy.”

      We are currently seeking a Chief Executive Officer on a permanent full-time basis.


      Accountable to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for providing overall leadership to the management of the TTC, including ensuring prudent administration of public funds and the delivery of a safe and efficient transit service. This includes:
      • Providing leadership and overseeing the development of detailed strategic annual Goals and Objectives and operating plans for all TTC departments in support of the transit system’s direction and vision for the future. Specifically, development and delivery of the TTC’s five-year Corporate Plan;
      • Providing leadership and overseeing the development of strategically appropriate capital and operating budget requests for the safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation and timely life cycle replacement of TTC assets;
      • Leading the staff in collaborating with key stakeholders as necessary to achieve the delivery of the TTC’s strategic, financial and capital projects objectives;
      • Ensuring that solid planning and budgeting systems are in place to support the transit system’s goals, objectives, strategic direction and future development and growth;
      • Ensuring timely reporting of financial and physical results including any significant cost, safety, human resources and ridership/revenue issues to the TTC Board;
      • Developing an effective and efficient organizational structure that implements approved budgets, annual goals and objectives, and strategic direction;
      • Ensuring accountability at executive/senior management levels, development of technical and supervisory competence and succession planning through internal development and promotion, or external hiring as required;
      • Ensuring timely and effective communication of the transit system’s overall strategic direction to TTC Board members, staff, and external stakeholders (including media);
      • Providing leadership in overseeing the work of TTC employees (either directly or through direct reports) ensuring that accessibility/accommodation needs of TTC passengers and/or employees are effectively met in a timely fashion in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and Related Orders so that they can fully benefit from the TTC as a service-provider and an employer;
      • Making recommendations to the TTC Board on all matters affecting the TTC’s business as set out under Bill 148, City of Toronto Act;
      • Supporting the TTC Board in the development and implementation of goals and objectives identified in the annual corporate plan; and
      • Achieving Board directed goals and priorities.


      • Successful track record of organizational accomplishment as a President & CEO, CEO, COO, business unit leader or in another strategic corporate leadership capacity;
      • Demonstrated success in providing overall strategic leadership to a large, operating company in the private or public sector, having one or more of the following elements:
      o The size and complexity of unionized operations with a significant asset base;
      o An active public policy context involving various levels of government;
      o Significant range of stakeholders including municipal and provincial governments;
      o High visibility among the media and public; and
      o Providing service to a significant segment of the public.
      • Experience or a significant understanding of public transit and, broadly, the transportation sector;
      • Graduate degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or a related discipline would be an asset;
      • Financially sophisticated; able to lead an organization that has elements of financial complexity;
      • Quick study; able to develop an understanding of a new business environment in a timely manner; and
      • Must have or rapidly acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the Ontario Human Rights Code and Related Orders including disability accommodation and accessibility requirements pertaining to passengers and employees.

      This is a permanent full-time position located in Toronto, Ontario and reports to the Board of Directors.

      For job related inquiries, please contact

      Language of Work: English
      Current Annual Salary Range: $247,556.40 to $356,046.60 annually. Salary ranges are subject to change from time to time in accordance with TTC policies. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is also available (subject to eligibility criteria) including Healthcare and Dental Benefits, Disability Benefits, Life and AD&D Insurance Benefits, Pension Plan Benefits, Out of Country insurance coverage, and Discretionary Allowance.

      This position is designated as Safety-Sensitive, Specified Management or Designated Executive under the TTC’s Fitness for Duty Policy. If you do not currently hold a designated position, you will be required to pass an alcohol and drug test as part of the certification process.

      To apply, please submit your application/resume and related materials to and state the title of the position in the subject line of your email.

      TTC Business Address and Work Location:
      Toronto Transit Commission
      1900 Yonge Street
      Toronto, Ontario
      M4S 1Z2

      We thank all applicants for their interest but advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

      The TTC is committed to fostering a positive workplace culture with a workforce that is representative of the communities it serves. Committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion, the TTC encourages applications from all qualified applicants. Accommodation is available for applicants, including those with disabilities, throughout the recruitment process. Please contact Boyden at

    • Georgia Department of Transportation - Transit Program Manager


      JOB SPECIFIC DUTIES: Under broad supervision of the Division Director of the Office of Intermodal Programs, the Transit Program Manager provides direction and management to a professional staff in the administration of the Department’s statewide transit program. The responsibilities of this position include a demonstrated understanding of federal grant administration and financial oversight of grant funds received from the Federal Transit Administration including but not limited to 5303, 5304, 5307, 5311, 5316, 5316, 5339 programs; subrecipient oversight and financial administration; project management; procurement; National Transit Database (NTD) reporting and coordination with local, regional and statewide transportation partners to assist in the development of regional and statewide transportation plans to guide investment priorities. The Transit Program Manager must provide leadership, craft policies and procedures, and assist as needed at all levels, including transit managers, planners, government officials, other stakeholders and the private sector regarding public transportation policy and program.

      For additional information and to apply please click the link below:

    • Sound Transit - SCADA Engineering Manager

      JOB #18-01365
      SALARY: $114,843.00 - $143,555.00 Annually
      CLOSING DATE: Continuous


      Under general direction, directs, manages, supervises and coordinates the communications and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems engineering activities for capital projects and operations support on transit and commuter rail systems. Communications and SCADA systems include but are not limited to fiber optic networks, telephone and radio communications, closed circuit television, access control, customer information systems (public address and variable message signs).
      This job posting may be used to fill multiple positions.

      Minimum Qualifications

      Education and Experience:
      Bachelor’s Degree (from an ABET accredited college) in an engineering discipline relevant to the assigned systems engineering discipline, eight years of technical systems engineering experience (four of which must include management functions), that includes working with consultants and contractors, preferably in a rail or transit related environment; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.

      For complete job details and to apply, go to

      Sound Transit is an equal opportunity employer. We place a high value on, and are committed to, diversity within our organization and leadership.

    • Community Transit - Geographic Information System Analyst


      Salary Range: $78,837 TO $110,370 Annually
      The Geographic Information System Analyst is an exciting opportunity to work with new technologies and motivated team in a dynamic setting. Creativity, analysis, strategic problem solving and project management skills will enable the successful candidate to make a real difference in supporting high quality, efficient transit service for the citizens of Snohomish County.

      If you are a critical-thinker with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, exceptionally organized and are able to understand and apply complex information, consider applying for this position today.
      Visit us online for the complete job description and to apply!

      This position is open until filled, with first consideration given to complete applications submitted by May 13, 2018.

      Community Transit provides a tobacco-free and drug-free work environment. As a recipient of federal funds, Community Transit is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not unlawfully discriminate on any basis prohibited by Federal, State or Local law. We value and encourage diversity in our workforce. EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, protected veteran status or disability.

    • Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority - Director of Planning and Operations


      The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA) seeks a Director of Planning and Operations to oversee the Authority’s operations planning, short and long term planning, contract management with both fixed route and paratransit services, reporting, and capital planning. Additionally, this position oversees special projects, including the Authority’s demonstration project with Uber and Lyft, as well as its shared autonomous vehicle project with strategic partners.

      Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s/Master’s degree(s) in Transportation Planning, Business Administration, Urban Planning or related field. Three to five years of planning experience and five years of responsible management experience in public transit, preferably at the local or regional level.

      Salary range is $107,000 to $150,000, depending on qualifications. Position is open until filled. Learn more at

    • Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District - Transportation Superintendent


      NICTD intends to hire a Transportation Superintendent headquartered at Michigan City, Indiana. The Transportation Superintendent is responsible for all operational issues within the South Shore Line’s service territory (including the Metra Electric Division). To be considered for this position, the person must have five (5) or more years supervisory or combined supervisory and operational experience in railroad service. This is an excellent opportunity for a motivated individual to use his or her skills in leadership, teamwork, communication, and practical thought to resolve service delivery challenges, improve productivity, and help deliver safe high-quality service to our customers. Details on how to apply are at:

      Salary and Benefits: Salary is in the range of $85K to $105K plus full benefits. Relocation benefits may be available for exceptionally well qualified candidates.

      How To Apply: Submit a written resume outlining training, experience, and work history to: Terminal Superintendent Opportunity, Attn: Director – HR&LR, 601 North Roeske Avenue, Michigan City, IN 46360. A cover letter outlining the reasons why you are interested in work as a Transportation Superintendent and why you believe you are best qualified is encouraged but not required. Your resume and cover letter must be received at 601 North Roeske Avenue, Michigan City, IN, 46360, no later than 3:30 p.m., on Monday, May 7, 2018. Late letters and/or resumes will not be accepted. Phone calls and walk-ins expressing interest are not acceptable. The District assumes no responsibility for late or undelivered mail or faxes. Persons who desire to assure delivery of their request for consideration are encouraged to hand deliver their materials or send them by certified mail. Apply early to ensure consideration; the District reserves the option to close this opportunity prior to May 7, 2018.

      Contact Bjarne Henderson, Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations, at (219) 874-4221, ext 223, if you have questions about this opportunity or notice.

    • Dallas Area Rapid Transit - Senior AVP of Engineering

      Starting Salary: $105,176

      Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART
      ) is actively seeking a Senior AVP of Engineering to develop, organize, and direct the programs, resources and activities of the engineering department through creative and strategic planning in vehicle and facility maintenance and technical support engineering. This will include asset procurement of subsequent materials and services, as well as material inspection functions for DART’s bus, light rail/streetcar and facilities operations. For more information, please visit where you can see the full job description and apply online.

    • Dallas Area Rapid Transit - Vice President of Bus Operations


      Starting Salary: $130,383

      Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is seeking a Vice President of Bus Operations to direct and oversee activities of the personnel engaged in bus operations for DART. Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Transportation, or related field, as well as 14 years of experience in bus fleet transportation, operations management and development of strategic operational initiatives or related field to include a minimum of 7 years of experience managing a professional and technical staff in a related environment.
      For the full description, please visit:

    • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority - Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity


      The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is seeking a solutions oriented decision maker to serve as Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. The Director is a key member of the Authority’s senior management team that partners with all Authority (WMATA) Offices to achieve organizational objectives. The successful candidate is responsible for the strategic development, administration and monitoring of the Authority’s civil rights programs including but not limited to the affirmative action (AA), equal employment opportunity, civil rights policy, Title VI and Title VII compliance, and diversity and inclusion plans and programs.

      This position will report to Chief of Fair Practices with a dotted line reporting to General Manager & Chief Executive Officer. The Director of Office of Equal Employment Opportunity ensures that the workplace is free of discrimination and in compliance with Authority-wide policies, Federal Transit Administration and other government regulations and laws.

      Other Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
      • Develops, implements, directs and monitors goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards for the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity in the administration of the Authority’s civil rights programs including but not limited to the affirmative action programs, equal employment opportunity, Title VI, civil rights policy compliance and other federally mandated programs and functions.
      • Develops and directs the effective implementation of the Authority’s Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Plans, and monitors compliance with long and short term goals. Reviews and monitors departmental affirmative action goals. Confers and advises management on major affirmative action and equal opportunity activities and problems.
      • Consults with executive management to create, implement and evaluate organization wide strategies for managing diversity.
      • Updates Chief of Fair Practice, Chief of Internal Business Operations Officer, and General Manager & Chief Executive Officer on the progress of each work unit in relation to Metro’s EEO/AA Program goals.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Public Administration. Ten (10) years of experience of progressively responsible, diversified, senior level managerial experience in designing, developing, directing, reviewing and evaluating human relations and civil right program, Title VI and Title VII, affirmative action, and diversity. Also demonstrated experience effectively motivating and directing staff.

      To view the full job posting and to apply online, please visit, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity– Job Opening 180259

      WMATA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, physical or mental disability, or status as a protected veteran, or any other status protected by applicable federal law, except where a bonafide occupational qualification exists. Our hiring process is designed to be accessible and free from discrimination.

    • Hillsborough Area Regional Transit - Service Planner/Scheduler


      Pay Grade: C31
      Division: Operations
      Job Code: 2107
      Department: Transportation
      FLSA/EEO: Exempt
      Reports To: Manager of Scheduling Services
      Supervises: None


      This position coordinates with the Director of Service Development, and the Manager of Scheduling Services on all issues that pertain to fixed route planning and scheduling. Tabulates, gathers, and analyzes operational data necessary to evaluate service delivery including schedule efficiency and service equity. This position coordinates with many facets of the agency to ensure implementation of sustainable and innovative transportation solutions to meet the needs of the Hillsborough County


      • Develops and modifies schedules for fixed route bus and streetcar service, to include the preparation of bus stop locations, bus schedules, and operator work assignments using Trapeze software to include FX, BlockBuster and OPS.
      • Manages all aspects of bus and streetcar operator work assignments to include vehicle blocking, run cutting, rostering and operator bidding for rosters or extraboard assignments.
      • Uses collected data from Computer Aided Dispatch/Automated Vehicle Locator and Automated Passenger Counting software/hardware to improve on-time performance for fixed bus services.
      • Manages route concept, design, and implementation to include bus stop placement, route tracing and scheduled timepoints.
      • Provides budgetary cost summary data for each route and service change.
      • Develops and maintains annunciation lists for on-board vehicle announcement system. Coordinates with Information Technology department on implementation of announcements.
      • Develops and maintains route direction sheets for operational use.
      • Coordinates operational and safety review of current and proposed routes.
      • Coordinates Google Transit Feed Specification data with Information Technology for deployment of data into Google, OneBusAway, and any other related data source needs.
      • Manages roster and extraboard assignments in Trapeze OPS and various related documentation for organizational use to include seniority list according to bargaining agreements.
      • Coordinates with Human Resources and Training on operator staffing requirements based on service levels.
      • Prepares, supports and conducts various Service Development and scheduling related presentations, to include Safety and Route Review meetings.
      • Liaison to Capital Planning and Route Maintenance to ensure accurate placement of bus stops to include data collection in various related databases; maintains historic records for stop placement, relocation, and elimination.
      • Coordinates fleet utilization and needs based on service levels with Maintenance department.
      • Coordinates aspects of fixed route system with paratransit scheduling to ensure complimentary ADA coverage.
      • Provides source data to Graphics for the development and modification of public timetables; reviews timetables and other passenger information materials for accuracy.
      • Assists with planning related functions as necessary, to include Title VI analysis, ridership analysis, and performance/productivity measures.
      • Coordinates marketing and outreach efforts to ensure community awareness of service changes or additional services provided to include direct participation with community groups outside of HART offices and after standard office hours.
      • Conducts training to various departments related to Service Development activities.
      • Serves from time to time as Project Manager or project team member on a variety of subject matter expertise organizational projects or stretch assignments as assigned by the Portfolio Steering Committee (PSC) of the agency Project disabledManagement Office (PMO). These assignments will implement broad strategic and organizational agency goals.
      • Evaluates and answers service related questions, comments, and feedback from customers.


      • Performs other work-related duties as assigned.


      Note: An equivalent combination of related education and experience may be substituted for the below stated minimums excluding High School Diploma, GED, Licenses, or Certifications.
      Education and Experience:
      • Bachelor’s degree or equivalency with 1 to 3 years’ experience in a related field.
      Machines, Tools, & Equipment Used:
      • Ability to operate small office equipment, including copy machines or multi-line telephone systems, as well as a computer for data entry, word processing, and/or accounting purposes.
      • Computer applications Trapeze Software (FX, Blockbuster, and Ops), Microsoft Office Suite, Automated Passenger Count report module, OrbCAD and Remix planning software.
      • ArcGIS skills preferred.


      • Ability to organize work around broad organizational goals and processes, while overseen by a supervisor through regular meetings.
      • Ability to work in a dynamic environment that requires the incumbent to be sensitive to change and responsive to changing goals, priorities, and needs.
      • Ability to perform work that encompasses advanced technical, scientific, legal, or mathematical concepts, which contribute to the implementation of specific policies, programs, or initiatives of the organization.
      • Ability to make decisions that govern the operational activities and behaviors of HART employees and impact how the unit provides services and support to internal and external customers.
      • Ability to work with more than ten coworkers engaged in a diverse range of activities.
      • Interpret and understand fixed guideway plans and specifications.
      • Analyze situations, identify problems and recommend solutions.
      • Ability to gather data for use in GIS analysis.
      • Ability to utilize the data in development of schedules.
      • Ability to produce maps and data tables.
      • Prepare analytical reports and review comments with minimal guidance.
      • Interact professionally with HART and consultant staff.
      • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills.
      • Ability to organize and prioritize work and to meet deadlines.
      • Ability to prepare and edit clear and concise written reports, policies/procedures and production publications.
      • Ability to work under stress and interruptions.
      • Ability to interact positively with a variety of personalities internally and externally.
      • Ability to set and execute departmental goals and objectives.
      • Analytical/problem solving ability.
      • Ability to be a flexible, effective team leader/player.
      • Transportation including public transit and experience in the planning/scheduling thereof.
      • Principles, practices, and procedures of route development and transit scheduling.
      • Relevant bargaining agreements and organizational policies and procedures which govern and impact rostering, run cutting, and the assembly of work assignments and route schedules.
      • Geographic area of City and County, as well as HART schedules and routes.
      • Computer software systems, specifically related to rostering, run-cutting, and Customer Service applications
      • Rules, regulations, procedures and functions of the Authority.
      • Standard office practices, procedures and equipment.
      • Trapeze FX, Trapeze Ops, and Trapeze Blockbuster.
      • ESRI ARC-GIS software.
      • Automatic Passenger Counter and Auto Vehicle Locator reports.
      • Microsoft SharePoint.

      SAFETY: Physical Demands/Work Environment:
      • Work is performed in a standard office environment in a confined space. Incumbent may be exposed to individuals who are rude or irate, extreme heat or loud noises.
      • Ability to hear, see, speak, and perceive color, depth and texture.
      • Subject to standing, walking, bending, reaching, stooping, and lifting of objects up to 25 pounds.
      It is the responsibility of all HART employees to provide a safe and secure environment for HART customers, contractors, visitors and fellow co-workers. HART employees are also responsible for:
      • Adhering to stated policies and procedures relating to health and safety, security, and quality management.
      • Recognizing and reporting all accidents and hazardous conditions.
      • Assisting in the development of workplace safety procedures for their respective departments.
      • Promoting workplace safety procedures within their department.
      • Adhering to procedures relating to the proper use and care of equipment and materials for which the role has responsibility.

      Note: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this job. The statements are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. All employees may perform other duties as assigned.

      The Agency promotes a safe and healthy work environment and provides appropriate safety and equipment training for all personnel as required.

      ADA Compliance: HART is committed to equal employment opportunity for all persons, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status or other status protected by Federal or State law. Reasonable accommodations are available to persons with disabilities during the application process and/or interview process in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    • MGM Brakes - Field Technician


      MGM Brakes, a division of Indian Head Industries, Inc., is the leading supplier of spring brake actuators and service chambers for domestic and global truck, trailer, bus and specialty vehicles for the commercial vehicle industry. We are currently seeking a highly enthusiastic individual for our Field Technician position, located in our Charlotte, N.C. corporate office. Local Candidates Preferred!
      POSITION SUMMARY: The Field Technician is responsible for the overall field technical support of the MGM Brakes product line. This position requires proactively working with customers to ensure that MGM field issues are addressed. Up to 60% business travel is required, primarily in the United States and Canada with occasional overseas travel. A portion of this travel will be based on a flex schedule with customer requests taking priority.


      • Associates College Degree or Mechanics Certification in related field is preferred
      • Field experience with commercial air brake and electronic systems preferred
      • Solid knowledge of MS Office Programs
      • Effective oral and written communication skills
      • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
      • Ability to prioritize and manage workload
      • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
      • Develop and maintain current product knowledge
      • Effective problem solving and decision making skills
      • Strong technical and electrical troubleshooting skills
      • Ability to learn operation and use of electrical diagnostic equipment
      • Ability to adapt to customer needs in regards to scheduling and differing work environments

      Submit your resume today for immediate consideration. Position will remain open until filled.

      TO APPLY:

      Visit our website or and email your resume and salary requirements to

      Indian Head Industries/MGM Brakes is an equal employment opportunity employer and will recruit, hire, train, and promote persons in all job titles, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or status as a special disabled veteran or other protected veteran. IHI/MGM Brakes will consider all qualified and interested applicants for career opportunities. If you need assistance with accessing our website, please contact our Human Resources Department at 704.547.7411 or 1.800.527.1534.

      IHI/MGM BRAKES is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer


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