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10 Ways to Enhance Your Community: Unleash the Power of Public Transportation

This publication is geared toward local officials and suggests ways that they can work with local public transportation systems to encourage ridership and make their communities more livable. Written in conjunction with the Transportation and Livable Communities Consortium, it provides lots of examples of what other communities have done to spur action. 2002. Available only as a PDF

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2011 APTA Annual Report

The 2011 APTA Annual Report details the many significant activities APTA undertook on behalf of its members to continue making public transportation a national priority.  The report provides an account of APTA's efforts including: communicating the benefits of public transportation, strides in standards development and workforce development, and making the case for federal investment through a multi-year, multimodal surface transportation authorization bill.

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2012 APTA Annual Report

The 2012 APTA Annual Report details the many, significant activities APTA undertook on behalf of its members to continue making public transportation a national priority.  The report provides an account of APTA's efforts including: communication the benefits of public transportation, strides in standards development, worforce development, and making the case for federal investment through a multi-year, multimodal, surface transportation authorization bill.
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2013 APTA Annual Report

The 2013 APTA Annual Report details the many, significant activities APTA undertook on behalf of its members.  As mentioned within the report "The commitment to adapt, engage, and invest is at the core of every successful organization. In 2012 - 2013, those three principles guided APTA's work toward a stronger future - for APTA members and the communities we represent and support."  Additional details include the major strides made in a number of areas through the course of the year. 
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2014 APTA Annual Report

APTA's 2014 Annual Report highlights the association's many efforts throughout the year, including communication, legislative, and advocacy efforts, as well as conferences, standards development, workforce development, and other activities.
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2014 International Practicum for Innovative Transit Funding & Financing

The 2014 International Practicum on Innovative Transit Funding & Financing took place June 12-13, 2014, in Montréal, QC, Canada.

“It would be difficult to imagine a better assembly of highly qualified, experienced panelists on the subject of transit funding and financing than was assembled in Montreal on June 12 and 13.”Tea – David Leininger, CFO, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

About this Practicum
This in-depth, hands-on and interactive workshop explored new and non-traditional funding and financing tools for public transportation agencies, including capturing the value of transit, revenue strategies, and partnering with the public, as well as nonprofit and private sector “beneficiary pays” models. Successful case studies from North America and abroad were explored, their practical applications and lessons learned.
The program was delivered through case studies presented by project principals, each of which was the feature of an individual learning module.  The two day line-up was filled with international experts, and included keynotes by thought leaders George Hazel and Anne Golden.

The case studies and keynote powerpoints, and video of the same, are now available for purchase.  $150 US.
*note* please go to "transactions & events" under "myAPTA" to download the login info.

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A Conservative Proposal for Energy Independence: A National Defense Public Transportation Act

To address the growing security risks associated with imported oil, Paul Weyrich and William Lind have incorporated a conservative's appreciation for history in a sound proposal for a National Defense Public Transportation System.  Their clear vision, incisive analysis, and sound policy recommendations build on our existing public transit infrastructure to provide the mobility and security that Americans deserve. Available only in PDF format.

APTA Members & Non-members: free

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ADA Essentials for Transit Board Members

The ADA Essentials for Transit Board Members provides a historical context within which the disability civil rights movement and the Americans with Disabilities Act was rooted.  The handbook also provides a listing of the key public transportation tenets of the ADA. Only available in pdf form.


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Aging Americans: Stranded Without Options

Authored by Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP) and jointly sponsored by APTA and AARP, this report reveals the demographics of the United States will change dramatically during the next 25 years as more baby boomers reach their 60s, 70s and beyond. As people grow older, they often become less willing or able to drive, making it necessary to depend on alternative methods of transportation. Unfortunately, the United States is currently ill-prepared to provide adequate transportation choices for our rapidly aging population. How the nation addresses this issue will have significant social and economic ramifications. This report presents new findings based on the National Household Transportation Survey of 2001 and places them in the context of other research on mobility in the aging population. 2004

Only available in PDF - copy available here.

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America Rides the Bus

This brochure provides information on the positive development and direction of the bus industry today, as well as on the broad-based need the bus industry fills in American communities. 2002.

Only available in PDF format - Click Here

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Assessment of the General Manager: A Tool for Transit Boards and General Managers of Public Transit Systems

In this booklet commissioned by APTA with BoardSource, transit board members and general managers are guided through an effective assessment process. This assessment instrument provides tools to lead the board and the general manager through a thoughtful discussion about the general manager’s performance and future aspirations. The booklet includes an assessment tool that allows the board to evaluate the general manager’s performance around specific, annual goals set by the board. A computer disk included with this publication makes customizing the survey possible to ensure that the questions are relevant and appropriate to your transit system. 2003. 

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Board-Savvy CEO

Doug Eadie’s exciting new book, The Board-Savvy CEO, is a powerful new addition to the nonprofit and public governance literature. It provides readers with detailed, practical guidance in building the kind of close, positive, and productive board-CEO partnership that is essential for organizational stability and growth. The book is available to APTA members at a 30% discount, and it MUST be purchased by going to and putting in the discount code: APTA. There is no limit to the number of copies that can be purchased using the APTA discount code.

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Bring Back the Streetcars! A Conservative Vision of Tomorrow’s Urban Transportation

Paul M. Weyrich and William S. Lind explore in this 2002 report how urban downtowns are reviving, and new towns are being built to traditional patterns. Not only can streetcars serve these non-suburban areas, they need streetcars in order to flourish. 2002

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PDF copy available here

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Building a Sustainable Workforce for Public Transportation Now!

Investment in workforce development and human capital issues is critcal to the continuing success of the public transportation industry and a priority for the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). Attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce able to deliver high-quality performance that effectively and efficiently responds to the evolving needs of public transportation customers throughout North America is key to our industry's success. In recognition of these challenges, Dr. Beverly A. Scott, 2008-09 APTA Chair, established APTA's Workforce Development Blue Ribbon Panel. The panel developed a unified work plan with 32 recommendations for new programs, projects and services that address six areas. Summary recommentdations are outlined in this brochure.

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Continuous Welded Rail on Aerial Structure - Examples of Transit Practice Manual

Descriptions are given of the various design approaches taken in the installation of Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) on several types of elevated structures. Characteristics of these installations are examined.  

This is a good reference that provides general guidelines for track structures using continuously welded rail. The reader may also find more contemporary information about inspection and maintenance of continuously welded rail within the APTA Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices for Rail Transit Systems, Volume 5 – Fixed Structures, Section 2, Standard for Rail Transit Track Inspection and Maintenance. 1985.

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Does Transit Work? A Conservative Reappraisal

This report, written by Paul M. Weyrich and William S. Lind of the Free Congress Foundation, explains why transit’s effectiveness is often measured erroneously, and they propose a new measurement that better calculates the importance of transit, called a transit competitive trip. The authors cite three case studies in Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MO and San Diego CA in answering "yes" to the question, "Does Transit Work?" 1999.

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PDF copy available here

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Easy Rider Guide

As the number of older Americans continues to grow, our transportation network must find new ways to meet the needs of citizens who are either unwilling or unable to drive. This population represents an important and growing new market for transit agencies, and one that is currently under-served. Across the nation, public transportation systems are working to broaden and improve services for seniors. Through reduced fares, employee awareness training, buddy travel programs and individualized assistance, transit agencies are meeting the growing needs of America’s senior population in innovative, cost efficient ways. Public Transportation Partnership for Tomorrow created the Easy Rider Guide to generate new ideas and initiatives in communities throughout the country. Format: Downloadable Zip File of CD-ROM

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Economic Recovery: Promoting Growth

This white paper focuses on the many economic benefits derived from  public transportation. Members are encouraged to use this document when reaching out to their legislators.

Paper copies:
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Fare Elasticity and Its Application to Forecasting Transit Demand

Technical research applying the ARIMA model in estimating bus fare elasticities of 52 transit systems in the United States. The report describes data collection procedures and a special survey conducted to obtain monthly data for the model. The estimation models and research results are presented and evaluated in detail. 1991.

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Getting it Done: Building High Speed Passenger Rail in America

America is poised to take the most significant step toward transforming its transportation network since the Interstate Highway System was begun more that 50 years ago.  The nation is embarking on an ambitious plan that will lead to a network of high-speed rail corridors that will support millions of jobs, help revitalize our economy and improve mobility for millions of Americans.  This brochure provides helpful information on the steps to building high-speed rail, APTA's role and partnering efforts. 

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