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American Public Transportation Association

 Director-Transit Security and Emergency Management


The individual in this position reports jointly to the Vice President-Member Services and performs work related to safety and security activities consistent with APTA objectives and APTA members’ requirements. This individual is responsible for supporting security program and standards development as well as assisting with safety program management and development. The position will also provide support to committees, workshops, and peer reviews as assigned. The position is also responsible for ongoing development and management of information and resource tools to support the safety, security and emergency management functions of the Member Services Department.


Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Responsible for program development, contract, grant, and financial management of the Public Transit Information Sharing and Analysis Center (PT-ISAC). Also participates as the APTA representative on the National Council of ISACs;
  • Responsible for industry outreach and education on emergency preparedness issues, events and coordination, management of the Emergency Preparedness Task Force (EPTF);
  • Manages the five security standards working groups. Oversees program management responsibilities for each work group including the standards development process, financial & programmatic updates, contract management, logistical coordination, federal reporting requirements. Manages various security related websites associated with the security standards program;
  • Develops an inventory and compilation of current and ongoing best practices as they relate to APTA security and emergency management programs;
  • Develops and manages the dissemination of operations, safety, and security industry issues, agency events and incidents, and other forms of information of value and interest to APTA members and members of the APTA security, safety and risk committees;
  • This position is responsible for establishing and managing a process to enable the monitoring and dissemination of National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports as well as to coordinate responses on NTSB recommendations, as may arise;
  • Provides technical assistance to Rail, Commuter Rail and Bus transit systems relative to security and emergency management topics and as needed safety and risk management topics;
  • As needed, serves as a certified staff auditor on safety management system audits as assigned, in support of APTA’s Rail, Commuter Rail, and Bus Safety Management Programs, to include pre-audit coordination, document review, interview facilitation, writing/editing of all reports and supplemental materials, and providing support to transit agencies on corrective actions;
  • Develops and maintains cooperative agreements and activities with external stakeholders and federal partner agencies, including: Federal Transit Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; In coordination with other APTA staff, facilitates industry participation in, and supports industry efforts to comply with, all rulemakings relative to safety management system requirements and regulatory oversight activities mandated by the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and subsequent amendments to the U.S. Code;
  • Conducts research of safety and security issues on behalf of the transit industry or to address a specific internal or external inquiries. Develops and maintains safety and security training and guidance resources;
  • In coordination with other APTA staff, supports and maintains the Safety and Security Resource Library section of the APTA website, and collaboration pages for APTA safety and security committees;
  • Manages the Safety and Security Excellence Awards program, to include selection of independent judging panel, solicitation of nominations, review of nomination criteria as necessary, facilitation of selection process, and support of planning final presentation of awards;
  • Serves as liaison to various external stakeholder groups focused on the advancement of industry safety and security, including but not limited to: Transportation Research Board (TRB), Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), and National Safety Council;
  • In coordination with other APTA staff, serves as a lead or co-leader in developing and managing the Rail, Commuter Rail and Bus safety and security training seminars and workshops;
  • Provides staff support to APTA peer reviews as assigned, to include coordination with requesting agency and industry peer panelists, facilitation of document review and on-site review activities, preparation of final debrief presentations, and leading group effort to draft final report;
  • Assists the Security and Safety Sections in preparation of programs for APTA major conferences, meetings and overall departmental efforts;
  • Serves as the lead on the annual APTA/TSA Security and Emergency Management Roundtable, including program development, sponsorships and partner relations;
  • Serves as APTA’s lead on coordination with Int’l partners on Security and Emergency Management topics including UITP, EU Security Commission, etc. Performs additional duties as assigned.


Program Management

  • The degree to which programs and projects are managed in an efficient and professional manner to achieve work tasks while maintaining cost control and performance to goals, objectives and to schedule;
  • The degree to which programs and activities are managed to ensure proper representation by transit systems and the Association regarding issues in public transit industry security, safety and related areas;
  • The degree to which all elements of program execution are properly coordinated and supervised, as measured by effective achievement of program objectives;
  • The degree to which thorough, meaningful documentation is produced which effectively and clearly presents the results of program work.

Program Development

  • The degree to which activities embodying objectives, needs, statements of work, budget management, and work schedules are formulated, prepared, presented, and accepted;
  • The degree to which the needs of the industry and APTA membership are determined and accurately reflected in program activities.

Association and Department Activities              

  • The degree to which a high level of cooperation and communication is achieved and maintained with committees, Association members, APTA staff, government, and other organizations to achieve the stated goals and objectives;
  • The quality and timeliness of support given to other staff members
  • The degree to which APTA working groups, committees, conferences, and workshops are supported, including but not limited to the thoroughness and timeliness of the organization of meetings and conferences and the quality of the programs organized for such events;
  • The quality and timeliness of support given to APTA peer review panels.

Project Assignments

  • The degree to which research is conducted with meaningful results which are of utility to APTA’s members, with timeliness of research activities, and with effective communication of the results; and
  • The quality and effectiveness of all other support given to APTA objectives and APTA members’ requirements.


Candidate must have 8 years minimum of related experience, including demonstrated project and/or management expertise. B.S. degree in a relevant field is required. Direct experience in security and emergency management at a transit agency, the transportation industry or directly supporting or partnering with the transit industry is preferred. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to work effectively with people and organizations as well as work independently and under pressure meeting multiple deadlines. Must be willing to travel to support reviews, committees and conferences.

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