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 Committee Descriptions

APTA committees are structured to provide interaction among members in a wide range of transit disciplines. The committee members deal with the issues and challenges affecting their area of expertise within the industry, and devise strategies, plans, and programs aimed at upgrading the state-of-the-art generally and information exchange specifically.

In addition, special task forces are formed on an as-needed basis.

Each committee has an APTA staff member who serves as the liaison to the committee in the role of a staff advisor. Committees meet periodically during the year, often at APTA conferences.

How to Join a Committee

APTA committee membership is open to the transit board members and management personnel of all APTA members, both operating and business.

APTA committees are active in all areas of concern to the industry. Except for those committees listed as "by appointment only," you may join an APTA committee by contacting the committee's staff advisor, who is listed under the committee's link.

Interested in joining a committee? Submit the Committee Interest Form (members-only) and an APTA staff member will contact you.

Note: the APTA Member Discount Lodging Service is available to committee members traveling to APTA Committee meetings in certain cities.


  • General
  • Business Members
  • Bus & Paratransit Operations
  • Commuter & Intercity Rail
  • Government Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Management & Finance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Policy
  • Rail Transit
  • Research & Technology
  • Small Operations
  • State Affairs
  • Transit Board Members
  • Waterborne


Business Members

Bus and Paratransit Operations

Commuter and Intercity Rail

  • Commuter Rail Committee
  • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Committee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Contracting Subcommittee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Legislative Subcommittee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Membership/Outreach Subcommittee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Nominating & Bylaws Subcommittee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Program Subcommittee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Technical Subcommittee
    • High-Speed & Intercity Passenger Rail Workplan Subcommittee
  • Passenger Rail Equipment Safety Standards Task Force (PRESS)

Government Affairs

  • Legislative Committee
    • Business Member Government Affairs Subcommittee
    • Commuter and Intercity Rail Subcommittee
    • Federal Procedures and Regulations Subcommittee
    • Finance & Tax Policy Subcommittee
    • Intergovernmental Issues Subcommittee
    • Small Operations Subcommittee
  • Policy and Planning Steering Committee (by appointment only)
  • Policy and Planning Committee
    • Environmental Justice/Title VI Subcommitte
    • Environmental Subcommittee
    • Land Use and Economic Development Subcommittee
    • Major Capital Investment Planning Subcommittee
    • Metropolitan Planning Subcommittee
    • Multimodal Operations Planning Subcommittee
    • Systems Management & Operations Planning Subcommittee

Human Resources

Management and Finance

Marketing & Communications

  • Marketing and Communications Committee
    • Advertising Revenue Task Force
    • Advocacy Communications Task Force
    • Business Members Task Force
    • Conference Program Planning Task Force
    • Customer Service Challenge Task Force
    • PIOs Task Force
    • Research Task Force
    • Social Media Task Force
    • Veterans & Military Families Task Force
    • Workforce Development Task Force


Rail Transit

Research and Technology

Small Operations

State Affairs

Transit Board Members

  • Transit Board Members Committee
    • Transit Board Members ADA Subcommittee
    • Transit Board Members Board Support Subcommittee
    • Transit Board Members Legislative Subcommittee


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