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American Public Transportation Association

 Human Resources Committee

Committee Overview

The Human Resources Committee provides a forum which promotes leadership, innovation, collaboration and information sharing among public transportation professionals at all levels who are interested in workforce development, human resources needs, labor relations, programs, services, and support that are needed to make the transit industry successful.

Workforce Development Blue Ribbon Panel

In October, 2008, APTA chair Dr. Beverly Scott established a “Blue Ribbon Panel on Workforce Development.” According to Dr. Scott, the purpose and work of the panel is three fold: to identify and make available the range of existing programs and resources that support the workforce needs of the transit industry; to develop and lay out a long range workforce development plan for the next 5-10 years; to transform, rebrand and reposition transit as an employer of choice. Mr. Doran Barnes, APTA vice chair – human resources, was appointed chair of this panel.

The panel established six working groups:

  • immediate needs and issues, including authorization
  • industry image and branding
  • higher education
  • youth outreach
  • partnerships and collaborations
  • metrics and return on investment.

Panel members and industry advisors meet and communicate regularly to address immediate priority, short and term industry needs of these six areas.

Stay tuned to this page for panel projects updates and new resources.

If you are interested in supporting the work of the panel, please contact

Human Resources Committee and Subcommittee Details

In addition to supporting the work of the Blue Ribbon Panel, the Human Resources Committee works to assist its members with their roles as effective change agents and strategic business leaders within APTA's member organizations. The committee make-up represents a wide diversity of APTA members, expertise, interests and successes.

The Human Resources committee has three active subcommittees - higher education, labor relations, and workforce development. In collaboration with our members, industry experts and industry partners, the Human Resources committee and subcommittees sponsor workshops, professional development programs, webinars (online seminars), and special events at APTA's conferences and throughout the year. These events, plus the development of new industry resources, initiatives, and resources further advance the industry needs for shared lessons learned, success stories, best practices and proven results.

Subcommittees Overview

APTA's Workforce Development subcommittee addresses the broad sets of needs and challenges facing our industry. Highlights include:

  • developing resources that promote transit specific career development programs
  • educating youth and students about our industry
  • attracting, recruiting and 
  • developing our workforce
  • compensation and benefits challenges and services
  • organizational development/change management needs
  • succession planning models and practices; and the sharing of best practices.

APTA's Labor Relations subcommittee addresses the challenges and successes to develop healthy and successful working relationships and partnerships with labor unions; to developing collaborative educational and career development programs with labor; to identify and share best practices that lead to successful contract negotiations.

Members are encouraged to contact the subcommittee Chairs, Vice Chairs or APTA staff advisors listed below for further information.

New APTA Human Resource Launches "9000 in 09"

In collaboration with APTA's Workforce Development Blue Ribbon Panel, the Human Resources Committee is pleased to announce the formal launch of "9000 in 09," an initiative to communicate the career opportunities available in public transportation to 9,000 students of all ages in calendar year 2009. The purpose of the site is to record and quantify the impacts of the numerous student outreach events being initiated, organized, or sponsored by APTA's member's and partner organizations, such as COMTO and WTS.

Visit the site, at  to enter information about your own organization's student outreach events with schools and/or other organizations, to learn how APTA is progressing in reaching its goal of 9,000 students and to view the details about individual outreach events held across the country.

For more information, contact Jason Schiedel, secretary of APTa's HR committee at or for technical support, please contact APTA's Joe Niegoski at or (202) 496-4870.

Who We Are: Committee & Subcommittee Leadership for Members

For a current listing of the HR Committee and Subcommittee members, please reference the following links (APTA members only).

  • Human Resources Committee
  • Subcommittees
    • Higher Education
    • Labor Relations
    • Workforce Development

How We Operate: Bylaws

For further information on the governance of the Human Resources Committee and subcommittees, please consult the staff advisor.


 Committee and Subcommittee Staff Advisors


Joseph Niegoski
telephone (202) 496-4870
fax (202) 496-4323

Pamela Boswell
telephone (202) 496-4803
fax (202) 496-4323

Lindsey Robertson
telephone (202) 496-4818
fax (202) 496-4323

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