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American Public Transportation Association

 Member Services Committee

To strengthen the Association through its membership, the Member Services Committee aggressively recruits new members and focuses heavily on retention efforts.

Committee responsibilities also include serving as mentors to new members, providing support, promotion, evaluation of and assistance for APTA's overall activities, and serving as a source of information to APTA relative to industry issues.


Current work program:

Committee members serve as mentors to new members throughout the year when a mentor is requested by a new member organization. Mentor assignments are coordinated by the APTA membership staff. Additionally, the committee focuses on 4Rs: Recruitment, Retention, Reclamation, and Re-energizing the committee membership. All committee members are expected to provide information on potential prospects for membership recruitment, should be willing to identify contacts they know at former member organizations who can be approached with invitations to rejoin, and should be available to provide feedback on pertinent industry issues as they relate to the membership. Another responsibility for all members is to assist in re-energizing the committee ranks with a special emphasis on enhancing the diversity and ethnicity of new committee members during their recruitment. All committee members should proactively identify colleagues who would be good individuals to target for commmittee participation.

Committee Meetings:

The committee meets twice a year, at the Legislative Conference in March and during the Annual Meeting in the autumn.


The Member Services Committee is open to all APTA members.


The Member Services Committee does not currently have any active subcommittees.

Committee Chair:

Hugh A. Mose, P.E.

telephone (814) 574-4217

Staff Advisors:

Helene M. Brett
telephone (202) 496-4837
Michael Hemsley
telephone (202) 496-4822

 Staff Advisor


Helene Brett
telephone (202) 496-4837
fax (202) 496-4331

Michael Hemsley
telephone (202) 496-4822
fax (202) 496-4331


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