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4. Technical Basics of Transit Fare … interoperability→ Amendment 3 of ISO/IEC 14443-3 published in 2006Amendment 1 of ISO/IEC 14443-4 published in 2006Florian D L Peters –23thApril 2010 …
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technology, using the ISO/IEC 14443 international standard for the contactless smart … industry also settled on the ISO/IEC 14443 standard defining the card/reader interface. …
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payment transaction. Using the ISO 14443 standard, the secure element communicates with devices such as a point of sale device or a farebox with an ISO 14443 smart card reader. …
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Public transportation agencies that deploy smart card technology have very few industry standards to … standards for smart cards, such as ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 parts 2-4 (Type A or B). …
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Published by 'Jeremy Rueter' using the Content and Structure Tool … Trends in Electronic Fare Media Technology APTA Technical Report TR-UTFS-FMWG-001-04 Version 1.5 February 14, 2004 …
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Workshop –March 16, 2009Key StandardsISO 14443CFMSPCI Security StandardOthers…3Fare … Fare Collection Workshop –March 16, 2009ISO 14443 SpecificationsPart ICard dimensions …
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two interfacesISO 7816 for contactISO 14443 for contactless (13.56 MHz)Most versatile IC … Standard for contact based smart cardsISO 14443Standard for Type A & Type B contactless …
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Published by 'Jeremy Rueter' using the Content and Structure Tool … APTA-IT-UTFS-S-001-07 … Contactless Fare Media System Standard Part I – Introduction and Overview APTA IT-UTFS-S-001-07 …
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Published by 'Jeremy Rueter' using the Content and Structure Tool … An American Public Transportation Association Fare Collection Standard Written by and for the Transit Industry Applying …
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Published by 'Jeremy Rueter' using the Content and Structure Tool … 55 Copyright © 2005 APTA, All rights reserved -i -Copyright © 2005 APTA, All rights reserved -i -Appendices Appendix A …
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