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CONGRESS: Fully fund the FAST ACT, and include public transportation in any infrastructure bill.

Residential property values perform 42% better than other properties in the region when they are located near public transportation systems with high-frequency service.
87% of public transportation trips directly benefit the economy by getting people to work and connecting them to local businesses.
Public transportation is a $66-billion industry that directly employs 400,000 people and supports millions of private sector jobs.

Public transportation provides the
connectivity and mobility required for:

  • Global economic competitiveness
  • Economic opportunity
  • Energy efficiency
  • National security
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Traffic congestion mitigation



Investing in public transportation at the local, state and federal levels is vital to the growth of communities, and federal leadership is essential. States and local communities are increasing their contributions, but depend on a strong federal partner to achieve their goals.

Investment in public transportation is a commitment to current and future generations, and Americans support it. In the last five years, Americans passed more than 77% of ballot initiatives that included funding for public transportation.

American public transportation systems carry 35 MILLION PASSENGERS EVERY WEEKDAY.

That totals more than 10 BILLION TRIPS PER YEAR.

EVERY $1 INVESTED in public transportation generates approximately $4 IN ECONOMIC RETURNS

Public transportation is an industry that operates more than 146,000 railcars, buses and vans in a typical peak period across America. This includes more than 55,000 buses, 56,000 paratransit/demand response vehicles, 9,200 subway cars, 6,300 commuter rail cars, 1,400 light rail cars and 213 streetcars.

APTA Infrastructure Initiative Recommendations

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