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American Public Transportation Association

 To Representatives on the advancement of H.R. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012


Dear Representative:

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On behalf of the 1,500 members of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), I write to support the advancement of H.R. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012.  As APTA’s members meet this week in Washington, DC, we thank you for working with us to restore dedicated funding for public transportation programs.  We understand that the House will advance a revised authorization bill that restores motor fuels tax revenues to public transportation programs.  The dedication of motor fuels tax revenues to the Mass Transit Account of the Highway Trust Fund is fundamental to our support of H.R. 7. 

There are many positive provisions in the bill approved by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee last month.  The project delivery streamlining provisions and consolidation of programs are meaningful reforms that will help move much-needed projects more quickly and efficiently, without compromising safety or environmental protections.  The bill’s five-year authorization provides the funding certainty necessary for long-term, capital investment projects. 

We look forward to working with you to shape the House bill as it advances.  While there are differences between APTA’s authorization recommendations and the House bill, public transit users and providers need the certainty that a multi-year bill provides.  We are committed to working with you to secure passage of the House bill. 

Thank you for your willingness to continue to work with APTA and our membership.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Healy, Vice President of Government Affairs at or (202) 496-4811.


Michael P. Melaniphy
President & CEO 

Gary C. Thomas
APTA Chair
CEO, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)


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