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 Presentations from the 2013 Multimodal Operations Planning Workshop

Below are the presentations from the 2013 Multimodal Operations Planning Workshop, held July 29-July 31, 2013, in San Francisco, CA.
collapse Session :  ‎(1)
All Door Boarding Implementation  and Review One Year Later
Jason Lee
Chris Grabarkiewctz
SFMTA -All Door Boarding v3 - FINAL
collapse Session : Balancing Capacity and Demand ‎(5)
Balancing Capacity and Demand
Steve Legler
01 Balance and Demand Title Slide
Everyone Wants Service - How Do We Decide Who Gets it?
Jana Demas
Stephen Hunt
Leaving on a Jet Plate, or How to Waste Millions on a Wing and a Prayer
Jim Archer
Mary Lawrence
Lawrence Archer Leaving On A Jet Plane
Planning for Growth as We Shrink; Unexpectdedly Successful Service Reductions
Roland Behee
Carol Thompson
Behee and Thompson
Transit Improvements on East-West Routes in Downtown Minneapolis
Michael Mechtenberg
Mechtenberg APTA - Metro Transit
collapse Session : Happy Days Are Here Again? Planning for Economic Recovery ‎(5)
Bus Rapid Transit Planning to Implementation: the sbX Green Line
Rohan Kuruppu
Derek McGill, AICP
2013 MOPW Omnitrans sbX Green Line
Happy Days are Here Again? Planning for Economic Recovery
Peter Cafiero
01 Planning Econ Recovery Title Slide
Planning for Uncertainty: The OCTA Short Range Transit Plan
Dan Boyle
2013 Multimodal Ops Boyle presentation 07-31
Techniques to Expedite Bsu Service:
Shaun Tooley
Tooley 2013_APTA_Bus-stop-consolidation
What Do You Do When You Are No Longer Broke
Cyndi Harper
Cyndi Harper 2013 Multimodal Ops
collapse Session : Host Session I ‎(4)
Host Session I
Paul Bignardi, AICP

Host Session 1 Title Slide
MUNI Operations Overview and Recent Innovations
Julie Kirshbaum
Julie APTA Muni Overview 7-27-13
SFMTA's Path Towards Platinum
Ed Reiskin
SFMTA - Path to Platinum - FINAL
Transportation Management Center: Business Process Review and Playbook for Transition
Jim Kelly
Chuck Morganson
collapse Session : Host Session II ‎(1)
Host Session II
Mark Simon
Charles Chuck Harvey
Marian Lee
Douglas Kim
APTA July 2013 Format
collapse Session : Incorporating Title VI into Modern Service Planning ‎(5)
Agency Perspective on Best Practices in Title VI Compliance
Dan Levy
Dana Woodbury
2013 Ops Plng Workshop - Woodbury Levy UPDATED 2013 07 25
Conducting Major Service Changes in Light of New Regulations
Michael C. Eshleman
Eshleman MOPW Presentation
Incorporating Title VI into Modern Service Planning
Cyndi Harper
01 Title VI Title Slide
Keep Your Options Open: Remaining Flexible Under the Revised Circulars
Gary Hewitt
Gary Hewitt- Keep Your Options Open
Updating KC Metro's Strategic Plan & Service Guidelines to Meet Title VI Requirements
Katie Chalmers
Dr. Gregory Lipton
collapse Session : Innovations in Vehicles, Service Planning, and Scheduling ‎(4)
Considering the Options: King County Metro's New Electric Trolley Buses
Katie Chalmers
Innovations in Vehicles, Service Planning, and Scheduling
Pat Scrimgeour
01 Innovations Title Slide
Mining Data from TriMet's CAD/AVL System to Imprive Bus Reliability
David Crout
Retiring the Clipboard: New Technology for the Next Generation of Field Transit Operations
Emily Drennen
Lawrence Brown
SMARTmuni for MOPW
collapse Session : New Technology Related to Transit Operations/Service ‎(5)
APC Applications at San Francisco Muni
Kevin Kech
Integrating New Transit Technologies Into Existing and New Practices
Dam Root
Root MOPW 2013
MTA Bus Time Implementation & New Applications
Michael Glikin
Alla Reddy
Glikin Reddy MOPW 2013
New Technology Related to Transit Operations/Service
John Levin
01 New Technology Title Slide
The Practical Use of GIS in Modern Day Transit Planning
Matthew Wolstenholme
APTA - Practical Use of GIS in modern Transit Planning - Matt Wolstenholme
collapse Session : Planning and Scheduling for Water Transit ‎(4)
Berth Control - Managing Expansion of San Francisco Bay's Ferry Network
Chad Mason
Chad Mason APTA
It's A Boat, It's a Train... It's Super-Transit
Benjamin Smith
Smith Benjamin - WSF APTA MOPW Presentation for PDF
Planning and Scheduling for Water Transit
Ronald Downing
01Planning Water Transit Title Slide
Surf and Turf: San Francisco's Ferry/Transit Hub
Mike Gougherty
Gougherty_APTA Presentation (Paul Bignardi's conflicted copy 2013-07-29)
collapse Session : Service Adjustments for Specific Markets ‎(4)
Converting Reactive Service Adjustments to Responsive Service Adjustments Through Review of Maximum Customer Loads
Mary Lawrence
Jim Archer
Planning and Polishing Service for High Schools
Kristin Thompson
Service Adjustments for Specific Markets
Damon Blythe
01 Service for Specific Markets Title Slide
Transit: Understanding and Capturing Teenage Market Share
Jimmy Famolare
collapse Session : Service Planning for Special Events, Natural Disasters and Service Disruptions ‎(5)
Maintaining Passenger, Service During Reconstruction of San Diego's Light Rail System
Brent Boyd
Service Planning for Special Events, Natural Disasters and Service Disruptions
T.R. Hickey
01 Planning and Disaster Title Slide
Superstorm Sandy NYCT and MTA Bus Response
Mark Holmes
Michael Glikin
The Elephant Parade is in Town: Planning for the 2012 Republican National Convention
Steven Feigenbaum
Feigenbaum MOPW 2013 -
U.S. Open Service Plan The "SEPTA Experience"
Mike Liberi
Tanya Flint
collapse Session : Smart Transit Facility Design ‎(4)
Coordination: A Major Key in Opening a New Bus Terminal
Mike Greenwood
Carl Torres
greenwood and torres
Learning from Each Other: Station Area Planning in Abu Dhabi
Tim Reynolds
Reynolds MOPW 2013
Omaha Linear Transitway
Matthew Taunton
Smart Transit Facility Design
Steven H. Abrams
01 Facilitiy Title Slide
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