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 Risk Management Committee

A Brief Description of the APTA Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee is made up of transit Risk Managers / Safety Officers, insurance brokers, and other industry professionals who have an interest in managing or addressing risk factors within the transit industry. We currently have about 118 members, and our officer team is comprised of a chair, John Plante of Chicago Transit Authority; vice chair, Susan Lockwood of North County Transit District in San Diego; and secretary, Carmella Comito, Des Moines Area Regional Transit. The officers' terms run for a period of three (3) years with elections being held at the Committee's meeting during the annual Risk Management Seminar.

Our main venue is the Risk Management Seminar held yearly in which the attendees exchange and share information on ways that risk and contributing factors are being addressed within their respective agencies / organizations. In addition to the sessions presented, the Seminar recently initiated a "Risk Management 101 Workshop" to enhance the efforts of newer risk managers / officers to assist in their day-to-day activities. Another popular feature of the Seminar is the "Roundtable" discussion which is an Òopen forumÓ for attendees to raise questions on issues that were not addressed in the Seminar sessions or to request additional information on issues that were discussed in the sessions.

Occasionally the Risk Management Committee will engage in a project that entails surveying the transit committee members on particular issues that affect their operations or could possibly enhance operations of the transit committee members. An example of such a project is the Insurance Survey that was conducted a few years ago. The survey was distributed in 2002, 2003, and 2005 and provided valuable information to the Risk Management Committee members. Similar projects have come under consideration over the last few years.

While other committees within APTA will focus on various aspects of safety, security, and program management within the transit arena, the Risk Management Committee is the only group that is fully focused on the element of risk and contributing factors for risk management. We hope you will consider joining our committee, and we look forward to seeing you in at one of our Seminars in the near future.

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