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 Session Descriptions

8/2/2009 - 8/4/2009
Salt Lake City, Utah
Expand/Collapse Date : 8/2/2009 ‎(3)
8/2/2009 9:00 AM8/2/2009 6:00 PMRegistrationTBD
8/2/2009 2:00 PM1/2/2009 6:00 PMSustainability in Action ToursTBD
  1. Sustainable Development

    Daybreak Development Community
    Which came first, land use or transportation?  Well, in the ideal situation they would be planned and developed together.  Here at Daybreak this is one of the many Sustainable Development practices that is an integral part of the design of the 4,200 acre development.  We at Rio Tinto | Kennecott Land welcome all APTA attendees to join us on a tour of Daybreak to experience the planning, designing, and construction of an exciting Sustainable Development Project that, with two light rail stations located within the community, uses transit as just one of its many sustainable practices.

  2. Operations and Maintenance

    BRT bus to pick up at the hotel, tour (from the bus) of the West Valley line including the Geo-Foam bridges. Stop at the West Valley Intermodal Center, tour of the construction and future plans. Ride the BRT bus back to the hotel.

  3. Green  Maintenance

(Please note that space is limited for tours. Sign up early)  

8/2/2009 7:00 PM8/2/2009 8:00 PMEvening reception in hotelTBD
Expand/Collapse Date : 8/3/2009 ‎(11)
8/3/2009 9:00 AM8/3/2009 11:00 AMOpening SessionTBD

Welcome – William Millar, president, American Public Transportation Association, Washington, DC

Robert J. Grow, Grow & Bruening, P.C., Founding Chair Emeritus, Envision Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Goals and Overview – Fred Hansen, general manager, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet), Portland, OR

Greener Communities, Greater Economic Opportunities Federal Perspectives on Livability and Sustainability:
Elizabeth Osborne, deputy assistant secretary of policy, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation,

James Lopez, Office of Sustainable Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development   

John W. Frece,  director, Director, Development, Community, and Environment Division, Smart Growth Program,  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
8/3/2009 11:00 AM8/3/2009 11:15 AMBreakTBD
8/3/2009 11:15 AM8/3/2009 12:45 PMSustainable Development/Sustainable Mobility/ The Return on InvestmentTBD

Hear national, state and regional perspectives on the importance of partnerships for sustainable approaches to mobility, development and the return on investment.


Fred Hansen


Al Biehler,  president, American Association of State
Highway and Transportation Officials, and secretary,
Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation,
Harrisburg,  PA

Christopher Leinberger, visiting fellow, Metropolitan Policy
Program, Brookings Institute, Washington, DC.

David Lewis, Ph.D., senior vice president, National Director of Economics and Finance, HDR, Ottawa, Canada

8/3/2009 1:00 PM8/3/2009 2:30 PMLuncheon -- Transit Leaders Roundtable on the Business Case for SustainabilityTBD
8/3/2009 2:45 PM8/3/2009 6:15 PM“Go Green” SeminarsTBD
Seminars on the latest sustainability approaches in policy, planning, environmental design, and operations/maintenance, including concrete benefits obtained.
8/3/2009 2:45 PM8/3/2009 4:15 PMSustainable Planning, Policy, and Community DevelopmentTBD

Hear about the sustainable practices in transportation planning, land use planning and urban design.


Diana Mendes, chair, APTA Policy and Planning
Committee, and vice president, AECOM, Arlington, VA


Regional Networks for Sustainability
Paul Bay, consultant, Richmond, WA

Climate Action Plans
Timothy N. Papandreou,
Assistant Deputy Director
Transportation Planning & Development
SFMTA Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco, CA

Cynthia Hoyle, Cynthia L Hoyle, AICP
Transportation Planner
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District
Urbana, IL 

8/3/2009 2:45 PM8/3/2009 4:15 PMGreen Design, Materials  and InfrastructureTBD

The session focuses on integrating sustainability into construction projects and mitigating environmental impacts.


David Taylor, national director, Sustainable Transportation Solutions, HDR, Tampa, FL

8/3/2009 2:45 PM8/3/2009 4:15 PMSustainable Operations – What You Can DoTBD

The session focuses on energy-efficient and environmentally sound practices in transit operations and maintenance.


Susannah Kerr Adler, vice president, manager –Architecture & Buildings Resource Center, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Washington, DC


Tom Fitzwater, manager, Environmental Programs and Resources Management, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, San Jose, CA

Susan Hafner, principal, Multimodal Solutions,
La Jolla, California

8/3/2009 4:30 PM8/3/2009 6:00 PMPart II: Sustainable Planning, Policy, and Community DevelopmentTBD

Hear about sustainable practices in transportation planning, land use planning and urban design.


David Taylor, HDR


Timothy Baldwin, vice president, URS
 Denver, CO

Lucy Gailbraith,  Capital Metro, Austin, TX

G. B. Arrington, co-chair, APTA Land Use and Economic Development, and principal practice leader, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Portland, OR

Wilf Sommerkorn, director, Salt Lake City Planning Division

8/3/2009 4:30 PM8/3/2009 6:00 PMPart II: Green Design Materials and InfrastructureTBD

The session focuses on integrating sustainability into construction projects and mitigating environmental impacts.


Susannah Kerr Adler


Tian Feng, archictect, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, San Francisco, CA

Additional Speakers to be announced

8/3/2009 4:30 PM8/3/2009 6:00 PMPart II: Sustainable Operations – What You Can DoTBD

The session focuses on energy-efficient and environmentally sound practices in transit operations and maintenance.


Diana Mendes


Vince Valdes, Associate Administrator, Office of  Technology, Federal Transit Administration, Washington, DC ( invited)  

Projall Dutta, NY MTA and David Ernie, Booz Allen

Expand/Collapse Date : 8/4/2009 ‎(7)
8/4/2009 9:30 AM8/4/2009 10:15 AMMoving CoolerTBD
Hear the hot off the press findings of the recently released Moving Cooler report.  This independent research effort, sponsored by APTA, FTA, FHWA, NRDC and a number of other organizations, highlights effective strategies and bundles of strategies within the transportation sector that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Examples of such strategies include transit investment, land use, pricing, and transportation operations investments.
8/4/2009 10:15 AM8/4/2009 11:15 AMTools for Making a Successful Commitment to SustainabilityTBD
The session focuses on methodologies, recommended practices, and guidelines for measuring sustainability. Two concrete tools will be unveiled: the methodology for measuring GHG emissions for transit agencies and the Transit Sustainability Guidelines.   
8/4/2009 11:15 AM8/4/2009 11:30 AMBreakTBD
8/4/2009 11:30 AM8/4/2009 12:45 PMInternational Perspectives on SustainabilityTBD

Hear the latest on international sustainability indicators established for transit and work related to the Charter on Sustainable Development of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP)


John Inglish, chair, UITP Sustainable Commission, and ceo, Utah Transit Authority, Salt Lake City, UT

Heather Allen, senior manager- Sustainable Development, UITP

Gunnar Heipp, director of strategic planning, Munich Transit Agency

8/4/2009 1:00 PM8/4/2009 3:00 PMLuncheon session: Putting the APTA Sustainability Commitment into PracticeTBD
8/4/2009 3:00 PM8/4/2009 4:30 PMPeer Exchange Session for Signatories to the APTA Sustainability CommitmentTBD
8/4/2009 4:30 PM8/4/2009 6:00 PMOptional ToursTBD
Expand/Collapse Date : 8/5/2009 ‎(2)
8/5/2009 9:00 AM8/5/2009 6:00 PMAPTA Climate Change Working Group(Outside of Hotel)
8/5/2009 9:00 AM8/5/2009 6:00 PMAPTA Urban Design Working GroupTBD

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