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 Early Career Program: Class of 2015

2014 Application deadline Friday, April 11 2014

Welcome to the APTA Early Career Program

A professional development program for individuals new to the public transportation industry, with 3-5 years of work experience, including 1-3 years of management experience.

The American Public Transportation Association’s Early Career Program (ECP) is a national program dedicated to providing public transportation professionals early in their careers with the skills, knowledge, and networks needed for advancement.

Have you been working in the public transportation industry for 3-5 years and beginning to gain management responsibilities? Are you thinking about the next steps in your career, for example how you achieve your next promotion? If so, consider the ECP as your doorway to career advancement in the industry. The ECP is committed to identifying and selecting a participants who represent the rich diversity of the industry and of APTA’s member organizations.

The Early Career Program Task Force will select 25 individuals from among APTA member applicants to participate in a 12 month program which includes a variety of skill building workshops, round table sessions, online collaborations and unique access to the industry’s leaders through a national mentoring program.

APTA recognizes the challenges and decisions today's economy presents to indiviuals  just beginning their careers. We are taking bold steps to promote and retain a talented workforce that ensures the success of the public transportation industry.

Program Benefits

  • Participate in a national professional development program specifically designed to meet your needs as you move forward in your career.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the public transportation industry outside your area of specialization.
  • Benefit from a local and national mentoring program.
  • Develop a strong network of transit professionals.
  • Build awareness of the breadth and range of transit career paths and opportunities.
  • Hone your talents and become the best of the next generation of industry specialists, managers, and leaders.


  Program Letter from President & CEO Michael Melaniphy  



 Michael Melaniphy

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Insights from the Program Co-Chairs

“We are incredibly excited to present the second year of APTA’s Early Career Program! With a career in public transportation, you can make significant contributions that touch the lives of thousands each day. However, it’s not always easy to know where to begin your own career journey. The Early Career Program aims to jumpstart that process for talented and motivated early-career transit professionals and those who have recently joined our industry from another line of work. We want you to learn about the many opportunities in transit. You will also grow your network with experienced and skilled professionals who make public transportation a success in communities across the country. You are the bright future of transit, and APTA wants to invest in you through the Early Career Program. Apply today!”

Rich Andreski (Chief of Staff, Rail Operations - New Jersey Transit Corporation) and Jill Stober (Transportation Planner - KFH Group, Incorporated)

 Get Started

Ready to apply? Visit How to Apply to find out how to access the online application.

 Early Career Program Class of 2015 Timeline

April 11, 2014 – Early Career Application Program Deadline.
End of April, 2014 - The Early Career Task Force meets to review and evaluate the applications.

View full timeline for Class of 2015


If you have questions about the Early Career Program, please contact:

Rachelle Jezbera
Early Career Program Manager

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