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 Costs & Who Pays - Leadership APTA Class of 2018

Leadership APTA participants are sponsored by the public transportation system or organization where they are employed. An organization’s sponsoring a candidate, providing the monetary resources, and allowing the time necessary for candidates to participate in the related events and activities are critical to the success of Leadership APTA.

The tuition fee for the Leadership APTA program is $6,000.

The tuition fee, due to APTA by Monday, October 2, 2017 includes:

  • Workshop books and materials, some meals, and related expenses during the required Leadership APTA workshops (December 2017, March 2018, July 2018, and October 2018).
  • March 2018 APTA Legislative Conference registration, materials and some meals.
  • Registrations for both the 2017 APTA Annual Meeting & EXPO and the 2018 APTA Annual Meeting and some meals.

Participating agencies and organizations sponsoring participants in the program are responsible for:

  • The tuition fee
  • Travel costs to and from the Leadership APTA workshops, Legislative Conference, and Annual Meeting
  • Hotel expenses, some meals, and related miscellaneous expenses

Participating agencies and organizations should plan for participants to attend the  2017 December Leadership APTA workshop; March 2018 Legislative Conference and Leadership APTA workshops held in conjunction with the conference; the July 2018 Capstone session, and the 2018 APTA Annual Meeting. We strongly encourage class members to attend the 2017 APTA Annual Meeting & EXPO and related Leadership APTA sessions.

The following is provided to help organizations plan for logistical costs associated with the Leadership APTA sessions and related events:

  • Four to five hotel nights, two travel days, and four days for the December 2017 workshop.
  • Five to six hotel nights, two travel days, and five days for the March 2018 Legislative Conference and related Leadership APTA workshops.
  • Six hotel nights, two travel days, and five-to-six days for the July 2018 workshop (Capstone Session).
  • A minimum of four-to-five hotel nights and two travel days each for the 2017 Annual Meeting & EXPO and 2018 Annual Meeting. Full attendance at both Annual meetings would involve a total of eight to 10 hotel nights.

Complimentary conference registrations are provided for the May 2018 Bus and Paratransit Conference and the June 2018 Rail Conference for members of the Leadership APTA Class of 2018. No Leadership APTA workshop sessions are scheduled at either of these conferences.

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