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American Public Transportation Association

 Sr. Director-Government Affairs

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) seeks an individual to execute the association’s legislative program on behalf of the transit industry. Position also manages the association’s legislative subcommittees and intergovernmental relations program.


The individual in this position reports to the Vice President, Government Affairs. This is a management position with responsibility for carrying out APTA's legislative program on behalf of the public transportation industry.


Under the direction of the Vice President, Government Affairs, specific duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:

1) Maintains and supervises legislative-related activities on behalf of APTA with key committees of the Senate and House including budget, appropria­tions, authorization, tax, homeland security, energy, environmental, labor, etc.;

2) Represents APTA regarding legislative matters with Executive Branch depart­ments and agencies including the White House, Office of Management and Budget, Department of Transportation (including the Federal Transit Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, and other modal agencies), Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, etc.;

3) Manages and supervises APTA’s relationship with organizations that share legislative-related interests on public transit industry issues including organized labor, U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, National Association of Regional Councils, National Governors Association, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials as well as surface transportation, business, and environmental organizations, etc.;

4) Manages and supervises APTA’s relationship with the Washington Area Transit Industry Representatives (WATIR) Task Force, comprised of Washington, DC repre­sentatives of APTA member organizations and other public interest groups. Organizes WATIR Task Force meetings, prepares agenda and legislative briefing materials, and invites guest speakers in coordination with WATIR Chair;

5) Manages and supervises Government Affairs staff, including two Senior Legislative Representatives, Legislative Representative, Legislative Analyst, and Government Affairs Coordinator. Coordinates with Policy Department and Communications Department staff on government affairs-related policy and communications. Develops material required for Legislative Committee deliberations and other communications to APTA membership, Congress, and the Administration;

6) Prepares and supervises the preparation of Congressional testimony submitted by APTA;

7) Prepares and supervises the preparation of legislative reports, memoranda, and analysis to keep APTA mem­bers and staff up to date on legislative issues and to assist APTA committees in developing appropriate legislative policy;

8) Develops and supervises the development of effective strategies to influence legislation of interest to the transit industry in accordance with legislative policies developed by APTA members through the Legislative Committee, Executive Committee, and Board of Direc­tors;

9) Plans and conducts APTA's Legislative Conference, in coordination with other APTA departments; and

10) Serves as staff advisor to APTA Legislative subcommittees and other APTA committees as appropriate. Responsibilities include organizing and conducting subcommittee meetings under the direction of the Legislative Subcommittee Chair and Vice Chair and the Vice President, Government Affairs. Works with Chair to prepare agenda and briefing materials for subcommittee members, maintains meeting minutes, and advises on submission of legislative policy recommendations to the APTA Legislative Committee for review and action.


1) Extent to which key Congressional Committees, Execu­tive Branch departments and agencies, APTA members, public interest groups, and other organizations are aware of APTA's legislative policies and positions;

2) Extent to which testimony, legisla­tive reports, memoran­da, and analysis effectively support APTA's legisla­tive program and the development of legislative policy;

3) Extent to which the legislative policy development process is managed in a way that maintains the con­fidence of APTA members;

4) Extent to which strategies for influencing legislation are effec­tively executed; and

5) Extent to which staff and resources committed to the Government Affairs department are efficiently and effectively managed.


Individual executes the association’s legislative program on behalf of the public transit industry. Position also manages APTA’s legislative subcommittees and intergovernmental relations program. Successful candidate must have a bachelor’s degree with 10 or more years of experience in government affairs, public administration, public policy, or related fields. A law degree or master’s degree in a related field is considered a plus. Knowledge of federal surface transportation programs and policies and the federal legislative process, including authorization and appropriations issues, is required. Strong organizational, management, communication, and interpersonal skills are also required.
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