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Individual reports directly to the Senior Director, Government Affairs. The key responsibility of this position is to assist APTA’s Government Affairs team in researching legislative issues and federal agency activities and communicating the public transportation industry’s position on federal legislative issues to APTA members, Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and other surface transportation organizations.


Specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Obtaining, analyzing, and organizing information on federal legislation, regulations and other federal activities related to public transportation, to facilitate understanding of federal transportation policy and to assist in the development of Association policies on such issues;
  2. Preparing Legislative Alerts and Updates and legislative summaries on a regular basis to inform and mobilize APTA’s members on current and upcoming legislative matters;
  3. Tracking, monitoring and analyzing new legislative, policy and regulatory proposals as they arise, keeping other members of the APTA staff informed;
  4. Preparing memoranda, speeches and talking points to assist APTA officers and executive staff in communicating the public transportation industry’s views on federal legislative and government affairs issues;
  5. Preparing statements and reports on matters of interest regarding advocacy on behalf of the public transportation industry with an emphasis on preparing written material for development of the public transportation industry’s position on the authorization of the federal surface transportation law and other legislative priorities;
  6. Researching and writing APTA testimony to be submitted to Congressional committees on topics of interest to the public transportation industry;
  7. Communicating in writing, APTA positions on legislative and policy issues to Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and APTA’s coalition partners;
  8. Attending meetings, press briefings or hearings as assigned and reporting on these events as they relate to public transportation;
  9. Monitoring Capitol Hill press for news related to public transportation and reporting developments to Government Affairs Department colleagues;
  10. Updating Government Affairs section of APTA’s website and managing its content and structure, including ensuring that written products are displayed and updated frequently.


  1. Extent to which assignments are carried out in a timely and comprehensive manner;
  2. Extent to which written work products (e.g., speeches, press releases, testimony, letters) are accurate, timely and effectively prepared;
  3. Extent to which Government Affairs section of the APTA website is maintained and kept up to date.


Bachelor’s degree in Transportation, Public Policy, or Public Administration with at least one to two year’s work experience on Capitol Hill or programs related to public policy. Familiarity with federal legislative process including transportation authorization, budget, and appropriations issues, desirable. Must have strong writing and communications skills.

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