The individual in this position jointly supports the Director of Bus Programs & Emerging Vehicle Technologies and the Director of Rail Programs and performs work related to public transit consistent with APTA objectives and APTA members’ requirements for both bus and rail modes.  For our members, we lead initiatives to support members’ bus and rail operations and prepare/update standards for our industry. The individual in this position is responsible for a broad range of committee and standards development facilitation and administration, support of APTA workshops, confer­ences and peer reviews, and other project support as assigned.


Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provides staff support for assigned APTA committees, including managing or developing agendas, meeting structure, site arrangements, meeting minutes, committee rosters and bylaws. As appropriate, facilitates meetings and takes initiative to develop work plans and advance progress on committee initiatives. Works with committee leadership on these activities;
  • Provides support for rail and bus standards committees under the APTA standards development program. Activities include developing agendas and lists of action items, scheduling meetings and overseeing meeting arrangements, communicating with members, tracking progress on standards development, and managing budget and expense reports;
  • Provides support for APTAConnect, an online resource for our members, by updating the bus and rail committees’ community pages with current information and documents, event listings and discussion posts;
  • Acts as a liaison for committees, standards activities and other bus and rail related initiatives through communication with members and the public. Responds to inquiries, provides information, and fulfills the requests of committee leadership and members;
  • Organizes and supports sessions at major APTA conferences. Duties include developing session content, communicating with speakers and moderators and ensuring timely organization of session logistics;
  • Communicates with APTA membership and other organizations in response to specific requests for information on department and association activities.


  • Demonstration of ability to communicate effectively with a diverse membership on a range of topics around APTA’s bus and rail committees and standards;
  • Demonstration of ability to organize, coordinate and facilitate many on-going tasks, programs and committees at one time;
  • Extent to which meetings, seminars, conferences, and travel arrangements are scheduled and planned in a timely manner;
  • Feedback from APTA members working on standards committees;
  • Progress made by groups being facilitated;
  • Availability when needed during normal working hours to perform duties;
  • Demonstrated ability to function as a member of a team and willingness to support other staff during periods of heavy workload;
  • Demonstration of a pleasant and responsive attitude to committee leadership and members when responding to inquiries and assignments;
  • The extent to which other functions and duties are completed as assigned and in a timely manner;
  • Attention to detail in planning and in communications.


Successful candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field with two to four years of project management experience in public transportation or a related field.   Demonstrated equivalent combination of college education and industry work experience will be considered.  Must possess oral and written communications skills and be able to effectively work with people and organizations.    Must be able to work independently and under pressure with multiple deadlines. Must be able to travel to conferences and meetings as needed.

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