Diversity & Inclusion Policy Statement:

APTA promotes an inclusive culture that supports and celebrates the unique attributes and perspectives of its individual members, allowing each and every person to make their fullest contribution to the industry. APTA defines diversity as the inclusion of differences and similarities from all categories of members and covers such areas as disability, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, race and geographic origin, size of transit property or business member organization, all of which contribute to the fulfillment of APTA’s mission.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

This APTA strategic plan outlines the diversity and inclusion goals and objectives of the association and the mandate of the Diversity and Inclusion Council.

APTA Racial Equity Action Plan:

It is imperative that APTA and the public transit industry reassess our role and responsibility in ensuring racial equity and in acknowledging that we can and must do more.

To that end, APTA has created the APTA Racial Equity Action Plan to engage and support APTA members in their racial equity efforts. The goal is to create transformational change within the transit industry and to promote public transportation services that ensure racial equity, fair access to opportunities, and mobility justice, particularly in underserved communities. The Racial Equity Action Plan is an integral priority of APTA’s broader Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which implements our association’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy Statement (above).

Kaleidoscope Webinars

APTA’s live and on-demand series aims to elevate equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in public transit. This APTAU offering is presented by Jacobs.

Diversity, Equity and inclusion Resource Hub
Find sample Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies and plans from within and outside of the industry, as well as Equity Assessment Tools, and additional outside resources.

Sample Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plans and Policies

Equity Assessment Tools

Outside Resources

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