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 Fare Collection Systems Committee (FCSC)

This committee addresses issues pertaining to the design, operation, and maintenance of fare collection systems and equipment utilized by public transportation systems. The committee highlights and shares fare collection methodologies, back office operations, financial systems and hard/software with respect to developing technology, and explores methods to increase the protection of revenues/fares collected by transit systems.

Committee Bylaws

The committee hosts the annual Fare Collection & Revenue Management Summit, that has been co-located with the TransITech Conference for the last several years.   Please contact Staff Advisor Beverly Hill by July 31, 2016, if you are interested in serving on the Conference Program and Planning subcommittee for 2017.


The next committee meeting will take place on Sunday, September 12, 2016, 8 - 10:15 am.


The Transportation Research Board released LRD - 25 Privacy Issues With the Use of Smart Cards. This digest examines basic privacy issues associated with the acquisition and storage of financial and trip data, including, but not limited to who can access the data, what data may be accessed and under what conditions, and how the information can be used. This and other reports can be viewed at



This committee is open to all APTA Members.

     Current Officers were re-elected for a second term on April 10, 2016:
     Chair, James Capozzi/CAPTECH @
     1st Vice Chair, Henry Rosen/1st Vice Chair, Henry Rosen/PB World
     2nd Vice Chair, Marie Chua/Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation  

Conference Program and Planning, Co-Chairs Lynn Brumfield/CUBIC and Michael Veltri/Port Authority of Alleghany County  
Nominating (during election process)


 Committee Contacts



J. James Capozzi
telephone (914) 633-0570 (x1002)

Staff Advisor

Beverly Hill
telephone (202) 496-4315

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