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 Mobility Management Committee

The purpose of the Mobility Management Committee is to promote mobility management as an industry and concept. Mobility management is a strategic approach to service coordination and customer service that is becoming a worldwide trend in the public transportation sector. In its most basic form, mobility management is simply th​e good use of a great variety of existing transportation resources, the use of less expensive alternatives, and the creation of inter-agency partnerships, all with the primary goal of providing customized service to residents and communities.

Beyond the basic definition:

  • Mobility management replaces the traditional model of moving large numbers of people with one that meets the needs of specific individuals and communities.
  • It replaces the business strategy of exclusively managing owned assets with one that encompasses consumer-driven partnerships and alliances among multiple transportation providers.
  • It relies on expanded partnerships and alliances with both public and private organizations and for-profit and not-for-profit service providers.
  • And, above all, it emphasizes multi-modal rather than single-mode solutions.

The mission of the Mobility Management Committee is to encourage collaboration and implementation of mobility options and programs within the public transportation industry in order to address multiple consumer mobility needs and coordinate a wide range of transportation solutions.


  • ​The committee holds its primary meeting at the APTA Annual Meeting with additional meetings at the Legislative Conference and the Bus & Paratransit Conference. 
  • Next Meeting: APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference, Monday, March 8, 2017. 


Membership in the Committee shall be open to employees or board members of APTA member organizations who have an interest in a strategic approach to service coordination and customer service that is becoming widely recognized as “mobility management.”


 Committee Contacts



Gary Thomas
telephone (214) 749-2544


Jameson Auten
telephone (816) 346-0895


Rich Weaver
telephone (202) 496-4809

Zach Smith
telephone (202) 496-4807

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