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 Rail Standards Policy & Planning Committee

The Rail Standards Policy & Planning Committee has final release authority for published APTA standards related to rail transportation modes. The Committee sets priorities of competing standards initiatives within the rail mode, advocates interests of its constituents to the Standard Development Council, and helps integrate standards development effords within the rail mode, while being cognizant of other initates in safety, federal rules, and other Policy Committees.

The Rail Standards Policy and Planning Committee performs the following functions: ​

  • sets the broad policy to be followed by the Rail Transit Standards Technical Advisory Group;
  • approves the advisory group’s annual budget
  • approves major changes to the budget (if required)
  • approves the advisory group’s priorities
  • appoints the advisory group’s chair and vice chair
  • appoints a steering committee representative to the advisory group
  • and authorizes implementation of documents approved by the advisory group.


Membership of the Rail Standards Policy & Planning Committee is by appointment only and typically includes the char of the APTA Standards Development working groups.

Working Groups

Please note that access to each working group site is restricted to working group members.



 Committee Contacts



Allen C. Smith, III
telephone (704) 432-5007


Gary Schafer
telephone (303) 299-3422



Staff Advisor

Charles Joseph
telephone (202) 496-4805
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