APTA is participating as an affiliate organization in the fifth annual National Infrastructure Week, May 14-21. This is a week of events, media coverage, education and advocacy efforts designed to elevate infrastructure, including public transportation, as a critical issue impacting all Americans. 
The week brings together America’s business, labor and policy-making leadership, and it includes more than 100 affiliate organizations from all sectors of America’s economy and society. Other organizations that are participating include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, Building America’s Future and the AFL-CIO. The deteriorating condition of public transit infrastructure and State of Good Repair issues are receiving local and national attention. This week provides an opportunity for your local system or business to continue to call attention to the urgent need to invest, maintain and expand public transportation. 
If you have any questions regarding National Infrastructure Week or would like to share your activities, contact Chad Chitwood, program manager-advocacy communications​, at 202-496-4841, cchitwood@apta.com​.


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