Join us April 25, 2019 for National Get on Board Day

Get on Board Day is a new national awareness and advocacy day that is all about generating awareness of and increasing support
for public transportation among riders and non-riders, elected officials, and stakeholders.

With a unified voice, our industry will come together on April 25, 2019, to highlight the
many benefits public transit provides to communities.

We’ve made it easy for you to plan your Get on Board Day activities. Use this toolkit to access resources to help you.
Be sure to check back, we’ll be adding more resources in the days and weeks ahead.

Get involved and help ensure that our message is heard loud and clear!​

Online Toolkit

Who’s Participating

Current Participant List (PDF)

If you plan to participate in Get on Board Day, please email Jack Gonzalez at so we an add you to our growing list.

Logo Artwork

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Get on Board Logo
Get on Board Logo
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Get on Board Public Transit Facts

Suggested Activities

How do you plan to celebrate Get on Board Day? Let us know by emailing Jack Gonzalez.

Social Media

Social Media Graphics

Owning a home near public #transit boosts property values. #GetOnBoard

Public #transit does more than just g​et people from point A to point B. Have you considered its impact on the economy? #GetOnBoard

Not only does public​ #transit keep you and your community moving forward, but it also benefits the environment. It’s time to #GetOnBoard

Increase public #transit investment can lead to significant economic growth. #GetOnBoard
87% of Public #transit trips directly benefit the economy by getting people to work and connecting them to local businesses.​

#GetOnBoard for a healthier #environment. #transit

Public #transit helps crea​te lively and vibrant #communities​. #GetOnBoard

Coming Soon

  • Join our “Pack” as we create a loud “Howl” with our coordinated social media efforts.
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