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  • When the federal govt invests $1 billion in #publictransportation, they create 50,000 jobs. #KeepAmericaWorking

  • When #publictransit is neglected it leads to higher costs later. The $90 billion backlog of improvements needs to be addressed quickly.

  • #Publictransit must be a part of any infrastructure initiatives, it just makes sense.

  • For every $1 invested in #publictransportation, $4 is generated in economic returns for communities. #Movingbusiness

  • #Publictransportation helps the #economy – 87% of trips bring people to businesses or work

  • #Publictransportation is effective when it connects people to work, local businesses and communities

  • With smart investment in #publictransportation, America’s future is bright. #communitygrows

  • Even if we don’t use #publictransportation, we benefit from it. It connects our communities and lessens traffic

  • DYK that property near #publictransportation retains value 42% better than other areas? Evidence that #infrastructure makes thriving communities

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