APTA members have an historic opportunity to help their communities see public transportation in a new and exciting way. Our “Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows” campaign emphasizes our ability to transform communities and the lives of the people living there by highlighting transportation’s role in economic development, promoting sustainable lifestyles and enjoying a higher quality of life. APTA’s Marketing and Communications and Legislative committees are leading the effort to advance the perception of public transportation to match today’s economic, cultural and political realities. We have produced a family of modern, effective and affordable communication tools that can be localized to any market and used by all members.

Voices for Public Transit recruitment video

Check out the new Why Should You Be a Voice for Public Transit video. It is designed to help educate and recruit the public to be a part of the industry’s Voices for Public Transit grassroots movement to support and expand public transportation in communities across America. Please distribute this video to your riders, colleagues, vendors and others. We are encouraging you to share it on your web site, social media platforms or distribute by email.

Download and use the tools on this website to share the exciting news that “Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows.”

Outreach Materials

Advertising Files for Download–Please select the system option below that makes the most sense for you and adjust files using this style guide.


Everyone is encouraged to download the materials created for this campaign. Use them and customize them to connect with your local audience.

Options for Participating in Campaign:

  • Purchase and Place Advertising Locally–Print and Digital
  • Place Ads on Your Assets–Vehicles, Bus Shelters, Stations
  • Place Ads on Website
  • Work Together with Other Systems and Develop a Regional Campaign
  • Ask Local Partners in Your Community to Sponsor Ads and Campaign
  • Integrate the Message Into All Your Public Relations and Legislative Messages
  • Issue Press Releases that Tie to Community Grows Message
  • Organize Events Around the Community Grows Message
  • Release Reports that Tie to Message
  • Write and Place Op-Eds
  • Develop a Fact Sheet with Examples and Send to Your Coalition Partners
  • Undertake Social Media with Community Grows Message. Use Common Hashtags (#growwithtransit, #voices4transit); Retweet APTA tweets
  • Promote Voices for Public Transit
  • Ask Your Riders and Stakeholders to Join the Community

Please let Chad Chitwood cchitwood@apta.com know which tools you choose to use and if you have any questions or concerns that we can address.

Thanks for all your help in making this a successful campaign. Public transit plays a vital role in making communities better. Your participation makes sure that those in your community have the information to make the case to the opinion leaders and elected officials the importance a vital public transit system plays in their lives.

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