Administrative Requirements

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Regulatory documents related to administrative aspects of transit practice.
Topic DOT Docket Number Comments Due to APTA Comments Due to FTA APTA Comments Result

​Draft DOT Strategic Plan for FY 2018–2022: Notice of Availability

Draft DOT Strategic Plan for FY 2018–2022

​N/A ​10/30/17 ​11/13/17 ​Final Comments 11/13/17​
National Transit Database Reporting Changes and Clarifications: Requests for Comments​ ​FTA–2017–0010 ​12/18/17 ​12/26/17 Final Comments 12/26/17​​
​DOT-OST: Contracting Initiative: Notice​ ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A
​Final Notice on Updates to the Uniform System of Accounts and Changes to the National Transit Database Reporting Requirements​ ​FTA-2016-009 ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A
Transit Asset Management: Proposed Guidebooks ​FTA-2016-0030 ​9/21/16 ​9/26/16 ​Final Comments 9/26/16​
FTA Notice: Prevention of Alcohol Misuse and Prohibited Drug Use in Transit Operations​​ ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A
Supplemental Notice and Response to Comments on National Transit Database – Request for Comments ​FTA-2015-0029 1/12/16 1/19/16 Final Comments 1/19/16​​ ​Response to Comments 7/26/16​

Transit Asset Management -National Transit Database: ​NPRM

Transit Asset Management NPRM – Overview Presentation​

Transit Asset Management NPRM – Teleconference Recording​

​FTA-2014-0020 ​11/23/15 ​11/30/15 Final Comments 10/30/15​ Final Rule

Dear Colleague Letter on TAM Performance Targets

​FTA: Pilot Program for Expedited Project Delivery: Request for Expressions of Interest to Participate​ ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A
​FTA-Notice-Limitation on Claims Against Proposed​ ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A

Geographic-Based Hiring Preferences in Administering Federal Awards: NPRM

Legal Research Digest No. 59: Enforceability of Local Hire Preference Programs

DOJ OLC Opinion on Competitive Bidding Requirements Under the Federal-Aid Highway Program​

DOT-OST-2015-0013 5/1/15 5/6/15 Final Comments 5/6/15​ Extension of Comments Period​
​DOT-OST: Contracting Initiative: Notice​ ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A ​N/A ​Extention of Contracting Initiative
​Information and Communication Technology Standards and Guidelines: NPRM ATBCB–2015–0002 5/22/15 5/28/15 Final Comments 5/28/15​​
FTA: NOFA – Federal Fiscal Year 2015 Annual List of Certifications and Assurances for FTA Grants and Cooperative Agreements N/A N/A N/A N/A
Control of Alcohol and Drug Use: Coverage of Maintenance of Way Employees, Retrospective Regulatory Review-Based Amendments (RRR); Proposed Rule FRA-2009-0039 11/17/14 11/25/14 Final Comments 11/25/14 Extension of Comment Period

Bus and Bus Facilities Formula Program: Proposed Circular

Bus and Bus Facilities Program: Guidance and Application Instruction – Proposed Circular

FTA-2014-0018 9/24/14 9/29/14 Final Comments 9/29/14 Notice of Availability of Final Circular

Final Circular​

Notice of Request for Comments on Updates to National Transit Database
Safety Information Collection Updates to National Transit Database Safety Information Collection


FTA-2014-0009 10/15/14



Final Comments 10/20/14

FTA Final Guidance

Notice of Revised NTD Reporting Manual and Response to Comments 4/7/15​

Notice of Request for Comments on Updates to National Transit Database Information Collection

Extension of comment period 10/17/14

FTA-2014-0006 10/17/14 10/20/14 Final Comments 10/20/14 Final Rule 12/17/15​
Next Phase of the Regulatory Review of Existing DOT Regulations DOT–OST–2014–0024 3/24/14 3/31/14 Final Comments 3/31/14
Request for Comment on Draft MSRB Rule G-42, on Duties of Non-Solicitor Municipal Advisors MSRB-2014-01 3/5/14 3/10/14 Final Comments 3/10/14
Proposed Policy Guidance on Metropolitan Planning Organization Representation FTA-2013-0029 10/23/13 10/30/13 Final Comments 10/30/13
Control of Alcohol and Drug Use:  Addition of Post-Accident Toxicological Testing for Non-Controlled Substances FRA-2010-0155 N/A N/A N/A
Defining State of Good Repair and Transit Asset Management Plan Requirements N/A N/A N/A Final Comments 1/31/13
Alcohol and Drug Testing:  Determination of Minimum Random Testing Rates for 2013.  Notice of determination. FRA-2001-11213 N/A N/A N/A Notice No. 20 (12/28/15)
Reform of Federal Policies Relating to Grants and Cooperative Agreements;
Cost Principles and Administrative Requirements (Including Single Audit Act)

Reform of Federal Policies Relating to Grants and Cooperative Agreements; Cost Principles and Administrative Requirements (Including Single Audit Act)  –  Revised based on comments from 2/28/2012 ANPG

OBM: 2 CFR Chapters I and II





Final Comments 3/30/2012


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