///Presentations from the 2017 Annual Meeting

Presentations from the 2017 Annual Meeting

Presentations from the 2017 Annual Meeting2019-09-10T11:25:58-04:00

Below are the presentations from the 2017 APTA Annual Meeting, held October 8-11, 2017 in Atlanta, GA.


Session: Advancing Performance Based Planning and Programming ‎(1)
Advancing Performance Based Planning and Programming
Sherry Riklin
Riklin, Sherry
Session: Capital Programs – Major Projects ‎(5)
A Proven High Speed Rail System from Japan to Texas
Masahiro Nakayama
Chris Brady
Nakayama, Masahiro_Brady, Chris
AC Transit OCC Relocation Project
Michael Hursh
Hursh, Michael
Connecting and Transforming California
Sheila Dezarn
Dezarn, Sheila
MARTA’s Integrated Systems Approach: Train Control & SCADA Upgrade
David Springstead
Springstead, David
United Kingdom Rail Electrification Stategies, Magnitude & Challenges
Paul Frost
Ryan Scott
Frost, Paul_Scott, Ryan
collapse Session : Capital Programs – Managing Risks & Lessons Learned ‎(5)
An Approach to Extending P3 Transit Projects – Lessons Learned
Ron Aitken
Lecia Stewart
Aitken, Ron_Stewart, Lecia
Lessons Learned of the Before and After Study for the Dulles Corridor Metro Rail Project
Paul Elman
Elman, Paul
Los Angeles Westside Purple Line Extension Project: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Ashok Kothari
Michael McKenna
Kothari, Ashok_McKenna, Michael
Managing Third Party Risks to Your Project
Kam Shadan
Shadan, Kam
Risk Evolution from Planning to Construction on the LA Metro Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Transit Project
Kimberly Ong
Matt Gallagher
Ong, Kimberly_Gallagher, Matt
Session: Executive Roundtable: Creating World Class Organizations – Leadership, Culture, Trust, Empowerment ‎(5)
Building Culture in Transit: Applying Cross-Industry Best Practices
Eric R. Roecks
Creating a High-Performing Culture
Jerry Benson
Pierce Transit…Moving Forward
Sue Dreier
Transdev Mobility: Partner of World Class Organizations
Marielle Villamaux
TransLink: The Passion is Back
Kevin Desmond
Session: FTA State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA) Certification and Best Practices ‎(3)
Ohio Department of Transportation State Safety Oversight
Brian Kummerer
Kummerer, Brian
SSOA Certification
Joseph Calabrese
Calabrese, Joseph
State Safety Oversight Program Certification
Patrick Nemons
Nemons, Patrick
Session: Innovations in Planning and Implementing TOD ‎(4)
Strong, Prosperous, and Resilient Communities Challenge
Stephanie Gidigbi
Gidigbi, Stephanie
The Hartford Line Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Action Plan
Max Sokol
Sokol, Max
Transit Oriented Development – The Hard Way
Todd Hemingson
Hemingson, Todd
Transit-oriented development, or “TOD”, means development that is vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, and genuinely integrated with transit
Amanda Rhein
Rhein, Amanda
Session: Integrated and Innovative Mobility Management ‎(3)
Future of Transit – Managing Mobility
Brad Thoburn
Thoburn, Brad
Global Perspectives on Shared Mobility and Mobility as a Service
Jerome Pourbaix
Pourbaix, Jerome
Innovative Mobility & Transit: King County Metro
Christina O’Claire
O’Claire, Christina
Session: Leadership APTA: Celebrating its 20th Year ‎(6)
Born to be a Bull in a China Shop
Yolanda Favors
Team 1 – Transit Ridership: Debunking the Myths
Holly Arnold
Lucas Olson
Kimberly Fragola
Francis Juilen
Joe Coker
Team 1_Leadership APTA Graduation 2017
Team 2 – Driving Transit Forward with Innovation Today and Tomorrow
Chris Tucker
Christine Kuennen
Sharmila Mukherjee
Kelly Collier
Rukiya Thomas
Leanardo Pica
Team 2_ Leadership APTA Graduation 2017
Team 3 – In Transit We Trust – Leadership and Organizational Credibility
Melissa Wang
Yolanda Favors
Angel Pena
Janice Li
Heather Ferguson
Team 3_Leadership APTA Graduation 2017
Team 4 – Workforce Transformation
Gaylord Salisbury
Gina Callahan
Teresa Muti
Dwain Crawley, Jr.
Team 4_Leadership APTA Graduation 2017
Team 5 – Transit Funding and Financing Strategies to Enhance Economic Vitality
Jeff Hiott
Erika Mazza
Stephanie Laubenstein
Kendra Taylor
Patrick Watz
Team 5_Leadership APTA Graduation 2017
Session: Leading the Way: Small Operations Best Practices and Innovative Solutions ‎(4)
RTD’s Performance Management System
Donna DeMartino
DeMartino, Donna
TCRP G-15: Public Transportation Guide for Small- and Medium- Sized P3 Innitiatives
Elizabeth Neely
Neely, Elizabeth
The New Paradigm: Distance Education for Technicians
Jess Guerra
Totally Electrifying – 3 Years of Experience
Keith Moody
Moody, Keith
Session: Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty, Managing Emergencies ‎(3)
Emergency Relief Funding and Emergency Docket
Christopher White
Enabling Hybrid Buses to Act as Mobile Power Generators
Blake Whiston
MARTA Bridging the Gap
Lt. Aston T. Greene
Session: Transit Agency, Federal, and Research Perspectives on How to Reduce Fatalities & Injuries An SMS Outlook ‎(4)
FTA’s Safety Management  System (SMS) Programs and Initiatives
Michael Coplen
Coplen, Michael
Keeping our workforce safe on track
Mark Willer
AJ Joshi
Willer, Mark and Joshi, AJ
Reengineering for Safety Management System Excellence
Jim Keane
Keane, Jim
TCRP Synthesis Report 126: Successful Practices and Training Initiatives to Reduce Bus Accidents and Incidents
Lisa Staes
Staes, Lisa
Session: Transit System Overhauls ‎(3)
Baltimore Link – Transit System Overhauls
Michael Helta
Helta, Michael
Connect Transit: Transit System Overhaul
Issac Thorne
OC Bus 360 – Orange County California
Gary Hewitt
Hewitt, Gary
Session: Zero-Emission Buses: Lessons Learned and Where to Get the Funding Needed to Put them in Service ‎(4)
Current Status of Public Transit Funding Options for Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems
Alan Westenskow
Westenskow, Alan
Successful Zero-Emission Bus Transition from Demonstration Program to Full Transit Service Deployment
Salvador Llamas
Llamas, Salvador
Transdev “eBus Living Lab”
Francois Regembal
Regembal, Francois
Zero Emission Bus Deployment Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Around the World
Steve Clermont
Lauren Justice
Clermont, Steve_Justice, Lauren
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