2016 Legal Affairs Program

You can access the 2016 Legal Affairs Program below:​

Please note that program is subject to change and that all times are approximate.


As part of APTA’s sustainability commitment, conference materials will be posted and available to registered attendees approximately one week prior to the seminar and continuously available for reference or downloading thereafter at http://www.apta.com/mc/legal/synopsis/pages/default.aspx. To view the conference materials during the conference, please be sure to download the 2016 Synopsis of the Law and either bring a laptop with the files to the conference or print the portions you wish to use in hard copy and bring those copies to the conference. The 2016 Synopsis of the Law will be made available upon request in CD or printed form at additional cost. Additionally, the conference materials will be available for downloading onsite throughout the conference.​​​​​​​

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