Presentations and technical papers are now available for many of the sessions from the conference. If you attended the 2017 Rail Conference, held June 11-14, 2017, in Baltimore, MD. You will have access to view the conference materials and you must be logged into MyAPTA. If you did not attend the conference, APTA members will have access to view the materials three months after the last day of the conference. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

collapse Session : Advanced Technology ‎(3)
Implications of Increasing Grade of Automation
Dave Keevill
Keevill, Dave
Integration of Track Circuit and GPS Data
Robert James
James, Robert
Solving Connected Train Technology Obstacles with Open Architecture Computers
Valentin Scinteie
collapse Session : An International Scan of Rail Best Practices: from Europe to Latin America to Asia ‎(3)
2017 International Study Mission to Asia
Tamar Allen
Allen, Tamar
Achieving a Single European Railway Area and Reinforcing the Attractiveness of the Rail Sector
Phillippe Citroën
Citroën, Phillippe
An Overview of Rail Practices in Latin America
Constantin Dellis
collapse Session : Capital Projects – Big Case Studies ‎(3)
Baltimore Metro Retrofit – A Combined Train Control and Railcar Procurement
Vernon G. Hartstock
Tedd L. Snyder
Hartsock_Vernon – Snyder_Tedd
Tangible Reasons to Follow FTA’s Guidelines for Capital Projects
Charles “Sam” Carnaggio
The New Cross-City Rail Link in Zurich, Switzerland
Guiliano Montanaro
collapse Session : Capital Projects – Small Case Studies ‎(4)
Accelerated Design-Build – Replacement of SEPTA’s Crum Creek Viaduct
Jeffrey D. Knueppel
Robert L. Lund
Knueppel_Jeff – Lund_Robert
Converting BRT to LRT in the Nation’s Capital Ottawa, Canada
John Manconi
Striking a Balance Between Innovation, Constructability and Maintenance Across the San Diego River
Nathan Johnson
Pete d’Ablaing
Johnson_Nathan – d’Ablaing_Pete
Value Management Reviews of Rail Transit Capital Programs
Teri Marsh
collapse Session : Cyber Security-Yes, Your Agency Does Face Cyber Threats!! ‎(4)
Can you have SAFETY without Cybersecurity?
Leigh Weber
Cybersecurity Engineering for Rail
Justin K. Smith
Train Control System and Cyber Security
Immanuel Triea
Ali Edraki
Triea_ Immanuel – Edraki, Ali
TSA Surface Cybersecurity Resources
Lee Allen
collapse Session : Fire Life Safety Design – Challenges and Best Practices ‎(4)
Best Practices for Fire Rescue/Response: Incorporating Safety, Emergency Management and Operations
Marla Blagg
Blagg, Marla
Best Practices for Fire Rescue/Response: Incorporating Safety, Emergency Management and Operations
Kareem Grace
Jesse Lee  Harder
Grace, Kareem – Harder, Jesse Lee
Best Practices for the Design of the CRO’s View of TVS
Melissa Duckham
Keith Brown
Duckham, Melissa – Brown, Keith
Design Fire Scenario-Physics and Policy
Kenneth J. Harris
Harris, Kenneth
collapse Session : Forces, Noise, and Vibration ‎(5)
Comparison of Ballast Mat Performance with Different Support Conditions
Yu Qian
Arthur de Oliveria Lima
Marcus S. Dersch
J. Riley Edwards
Qian; Oliveira Lima; Dersch; Edwards
Concrete Crossties Flexural Behavior Analysis under Light Rail Transit Loading Conditions
Alvaro E. Canga Ruiz
J. Riley Edwards
Yu Qian
Marcus S. Dersch
Canga; Edwards; Qian; Dersch
Conventional and new generation vibration mitigation solutions and their performance
Patrick Vanhonacker
Vanhonacker, Patrick
Utilizing Meta-Structures for Mitigating Low Frequency Groundborne Train Vibrations
Christopher Layman
Layman, Christopher
Wheel-Rail Force Analysis under Rail Transit Loading Conditions
J. Riley Edwards
Yu Qian
Mathew V. Csenge
Marcus S. Dersch
Aaron A. Cook
Alvaro E. Canga Ruiz
Edwards; Qian; Csenge; Dersch; Cook; Canga
collapse Session : Innovation ‎(1)
Safety and Security of the Patrons
Govind Sulibhavi
Sulibhavi, Govind
collapse Session : International Safety Sharing Experiences & Innovations ‎(3)
Railway Safety: Barcelona Experience: A Practical Approach
Jordi Picas
Picas, Jordi
Rethinking the Safety Philosophy
Yasutake Kojima
Kojima, Yasutake
Wayside Train Monitoring Systems in Switzerland: No Compromises on Safety
Giuliano Montanaro
Montanaro, Giuliano
collapse Session : Maintenance – Consequenses of Not Planning ‎(4)
Benefits of a New Rail Wheel Profile
Ben Holland
Holland, Ben
Inspecting Light Rail Transit Bridges with the latest Technology
Richard Hovde
Matthew Kumpula
Hovde, Richard – Kumpula, Matthew
Robot Welding Rail Maintenance
Anthony Fazio
Fazio, Anthony
Switching to Hi-Rail Based Maintenance Access
Jennifer Ryan
Ryan, Jennifer
collapse Session : Making Station Access Easier ‎(5)
Improving Access to Metrorail Stations in Arlington County
Bee Beurgler
Buergler, Bee
Making Transit Station Access Easier
Todd Lang
Lang, Todd
Making Transit Station Access Easier – Welcome Remarks
Michael Jelen
Metrorail Station Area Investment Study
Shyam Kannan
Kannan, Shyam
Transit Parking – Too Much or Too Little
Ron Kilcoyne
Kilcoyne, Ron
collapse Session : Mobile Applications ‎(2)
Fleet-Wide Vehicle Security Camera System Implementation – What You See and Don’t See
Carlos Ortega
Ortega, Carlos
Real-time Passenger Information for Rail Transit: Lessons from Three System Implementation
Samuel Hickey
Hickey, Samuel
collapse Session : Operations – Systemwide ‎(3)
Integrated Planning in the Age of the Operations Control Center
Dr. Edwin Lohmann
Lohmann, Edwin
SEPTA’s Optimizing Track Outage Planning on a Busy Multi-Modal System
Jeffrey D. Knueppel
Keven Jurgelewicz
Knueppel, Jeffrey – Jurgelewicz, Kevin
The New Cross-City Rail Link in Zurich, Switzerland
Giuliano Montanaro
Montanaro, Guiliano
collapse Session : Operations Planning ‎(4)
Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Turn Big Data into Operations Improvement
Pete Nelson
Nelson, Pete
LIGHTING THE WAY – The Quality of Lighting’s Impact on Functionality
Rachel Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, Rachel
TriMet Light Rail Simulation Study for On-Time Performance Improvement
Dennis Page
John Griffiths
Page, Dennis – Griffiths, John
Use data and optimization tools to plan highquality service, factoring in network maintenance
Alexandre Savard
Savard, Alexandre
collapse Session : Positive Train Control Implementation and Operation ‎(4)
Improving Rail Safety Using Non-Vital Solutions
Jun Lee
Brian Allen
Allen, Brian – Lee, Jun
PTC Interoperability Lessons Learned
Bill Everett
Smart tools for PTC – accelerating projects with high value LiDAR data
Finbar Holland
Train Control, Communications and Operations Committee Update for APTA
Michael Newcomb
collapse Session : Preparing Your System for Resiliency ‎(1)
Winter Resiliency Improvement Program
Michael Semeraro
Semeraro, Michael
collapse Session : Rail Vehicles Cradle to Grave ‎(6)
Baltimore LRV Case Study Paper
Maryland DOT
Maryland DOT
Baltimore LRV Case Study: Braking Functionality and Operator Vigilance System Improvements
Michael Wiedecker
Wiedecker, Michael
Best practices for maintaining critical Traction Components over the lifetime of a vehicle
Flavien Berthold
Berthold, Flavien
Electromagnetic Modeling to Improve Railcar EMC Design
Eli Fernald
Fernald, Eli
Remaining Life Prediction for Rail Vehicles
Kevin Carmody
Derek Maier
Carmody, Kevin – Maier, Derek
The Case for the Stainless Steel Underframe
John Janiszewski
Clifford Woodbury
Janiszewski, John – Woodbury, Clifford
collapse Session : Safety Comes in Many Forms A New Way to Slow Down, Crash Energy Management & You ‎(5)
ECP Passenger Brake System Light at the Tunnel End
Adam Eby
Brendan Crowley
Jaime Dewberry
Paul Jamieson
Eby, Crowley, Dewberry, Jamieson
Evolution of U.S. Crashworthiness Standards for Heavy and Light Rail
Martin Schroeder
Schroeder, Martin
Introducing New CEM Designs to Legacy Systems
Chris Walker
Walker, Chris
Saving Lives and Reducing Costs Through Crashworthy Light Rail Vehicle Design
John Swanson
Swanson, John
Understanding FRA’s Alternative Crashworthiness Compliance Approach
Marcin Taraszkiewicz
Taraszkiewicz, Marcin
collapse Session : Safety Reporting Systems Building an Effective Employee Reporting Program ‎(1)
Voluntary Safety Reporting Program
Federal Aviation Administration
Air Traffic Organization
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
collapse Session : Security Infrastructure Interface ‎(2)
FTA Safety and Security Certification: Practical Solutions to a Complex Process
Tim Borchers
Yolanda Favors
Borchers_ Tim – Favors_Yolanda
Security Infrastructure Interface
Rhonda Bell
collapse Session : Signal Systems ‎(4)
Automatic Train Control – Track Circuit Monitoring
Frank Beeck
Beeck, Frank
Evaluation of the need for a Secondary Signaling System on CBTC projects
Kenneth Diemunsch
Stuart Landau
Diemunsch, Kenneth – Landau, Stuart
Fitting cbtc to work cars – nice to have?
Mike Palmer
Palmer, Mike
North Avenue Yard Route Pushbutton Project
Janet Ungerer
Ungerer, Janet
collapse Session : Streetcars – Challenges of Construction in a City Environment, Costs & Mobility ‎(3)
Issues and Considerations for Streetcar in Urban Environments
Adam Giambrone
Giambrone, Adam
MAPS 3 Modern Streetcar
Mark Dorn
Dorn, Mark
Streetcar Mobility Benefits
David Vozzolo
Vozzolo, David
collapse Session : Streetcars New Systems with New Technologies ‎(4)
Dallas Oak Cliff: Brookville’s first delivery of a modern streetcar and use of off-wire technology
Joel McNeil
McNeil, Joel
Kansas City Streetcar
Tom Gerend
Jason Waldron
Gerend, Tom – Waldron, Jason
QLINE Detroit: A National Model for Public Private Partnership
Dan Lijana
Keith Jones
Lijana, Dan – Jones, Keith
State-of-the-Art in Tramway Safety Technology
John Smatlak
Smatlak, John
collapse Session : Systems Engineering ‎(3)
How Major Cities around the World are Sustaining the Transit Services to the Growing Passengers
Yousef Kimiagar
Kimiagar, Yousef
Leveraging Early Phase Systems Practices
Vern Hartsock
Anne O’Neil
Hartsock, Vern – O’Neil, Anne
Systems Approach for Organizational Change Management
Bridgette Karra
Jignesh Patel
Karra, Bridgette – Patel, Jignesh
collapse Session : Technology & Safety ‎(4)
Guideway Instrusion Detection Systems for Rail Transit
Jon Hulse
Hulse, Jon
Technology and Safety in the Rail Industry
Peter Bartek
Bartek, Peter
TrackSafe Phase II Update
Abjay Joshi
Mark Willer
Joshi, Abhay – Willer, Mark
Upgrading Your Roadway Worker Protection Using APTA’s Suite of RWP Standards
Christopher Wallgren
Wallgren, Christopher
collapse Session : Transit Oriented Development ‎(3)
Overview of NorthPort Station Feasibility Study
Jim Frazier
Frazier, Jim
Pennsylvania Keystone Corridor – Funding Intercity Passenger Rail Station Development
Toby Fauver
Fauver, Toby
Charles Di Maggio
Di Maggio, Charles
collapse Session : Transit Safety Management ‎(4)
Learning the Secret of Developing an Award Winning Training Program
Elmer Coppage
Denise Madaras
Coppage, Elmer – Madaras, Denise
Practical Interface Opportunities Between Safety & Asset Management Systems
John Gasparine
Gasparine, John
SMS Implementation at CTA
John Ekblad
Ekblad, John
Update on the FTA SMS Implementation Pilot at the Chicago Transit Authority
Paulina Orchard
Orchard, Paulina
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