This handbook has been updated as of April 6.

The handbook will be mailed to all registered Competitors.

Table of Contents

The PDF download contains the following information:

  • General Information:
    Contestant Qualifications, Ineligibility, Team Registration, Schedule, Spectators
  • Awards/Scoring:
    General, Grand Champion and Combined Competition Awards, Operator/Maintenance Awards, Customer Service Challenge Award
  • Operators’ Roadeo:
    Scheduled Activities, Equipment, Vigil Information, Competition Events, Operator Scoring
  • Technician’s Roadeo:
    Scheduled Activities, Competition Events, Technician Scoring
  • Customer Service Challenge:
    Qualifications, General Information, Competition Event, Time, Scoring
  • Questions
  • Buses
  • Roadeo Site Layout
  • Appendices:
    Swap Meet, Frequently Asked Questions & Answers, Operators’ Course Descriptions, Operators’ Obstacle Descriptions, Operators’ Score Sheets, Mechanics’ Score Sheets, Customer Service Score Sheet, Event Schedule
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