///International Bus Roadeo Registration

International Bus Roadeo Registration

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To participate in the International Bus Roadeo you must be an APTA transit system member or CTAA member. Additionally, APTA Bylaws state that APTA Management Company or State Association membership shall not take the place of the transit system membership. All registrations will be verified for transit system or CTAA membership and will be subject to cancellation.

Each APTA member transit system is entitled to send one (1) operator in the 40 foot or 35 foot category and or one (1) maintenance​ team (3 person maximum). APTA reserves the right to interpret this rule according to the transit system’s membership status.

You must login to complete your online registration. If you do not have a login, you can create one here. If you forgot your password and/or experiencing trouble logging in, please contact APTA membership department at membership@apta.com or 202-496-4822. 

The Registration fee includes admission to all events associated with the Bus Roadeo and the Bus & Paratransit Conference.

Registration Type ​Fee
​Operator $​780
Mechanics Team (3 person) ​$2,295
Operator /Mechanics Team (4 person) ​$2,800
Supervisor $​780
​​Roadeo Committee Member $300
​​Spouse/Guest (includes Swap Meet and Awards Banquet only) Not applicable to fellow employees or industry professionals $​125

APTA requires payment to be submitted at the time of registration. Registrations will not be considered valid until payment is received by APTA. Registrations may be paid by check, credit card or ACH option.

Pre-registration will close Friday, April 20, 2018.   


Changes/substitutions must be made in writing to kspence@apta.com. Please download and complete the registration from to submit your substitution request. All changes/substations must be submitted prior to the pre-registration deadline listed above.   

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Registration fees will be refunded if a request is received in writing by April 6, 2018. A 20% cancellation fee will be withheld. There will be no refunds after the April 6th deadline.


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