Dress for the 2018 APTA Legal Affairs Seminar is business casual. 


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  • Funding

  •  Rail Issues

Legislative Update

      Harnessing Data to Benefit the Transit Agency: Real Time, Fare Media, Ridership and More

      FTA Chief Counsel Session 

      Transit Agency Legal Office Management & General Counsel Goals and Performance – Best Practices

      Role of General Counsel in Closed and Open Session

      Security Session: Update on Physical & Cyber Security Developments

      Detroit Department of Transportation: A Case Study in Procurement and Civil Rights Challenges​

      P3s/Infrastructure Development

      Collaboration Between Transit Agencies and Transportation Network Companies: Opportunities and Challenges

      Labor & 13c Panel

      FTA’s Top Ten Triennial Review Findings

      Rail Session: The Times They Keep a’ Changin…​

      Ethics and Professional Responsibilty 

      Most Recent TRB Legal Research Digest 

      White House Infrastructure Proposal


      Presenter Biographies


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