Below are the presentations from the 2018 Public Transportation and Universities Conference


collapse Session : Closing General Session: A Student Perspective ‎(1)
Closing General Session A Student Perspective Title Slide Jeffrey Flynn
collapse Session : New Attendee Networking Sessions – Students ‎(1)
New Attendee Networking Sessions Students Title Slide
collapse Session : New Attendee Networking Sessions – Transit Systems ‎(1)
New Attendee Networking Sessions Transit Systems Title Slide
collapse Session : New Attendee Networking Sessions – Universities ‎(1)
New Attendee Networking Sessions Universities Title Slide
collapse Session : Next-Gen Technology ‎(3)
Creating Accessible Communications Technology for the Visually Impaired Case Study of UC Boulder Peter SerVaas and Eric A. Peterson
Next-Gen Technology Title Slide Isaac Holly
Texas A and M University Transformational Mobility Plan Katherine F. Turnbull
collapse Session : Opening General Session: The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) and University of California – Santa Cruz Transit Partnership ‎(2)
Opening General Session Title Slide Donna Lind, Andrew Johnson, Alexander Clifford, Alice Malberg, Barrow Emerson, Larry Pageler, Zach McDaniel
Welcome Donna Lind
collapse Session : Planning, Sustainability & Parking ‎(4)
Advancing Electric Solutions Globally Emission-Free Driving Through Campus Marcus Jackson
Land-Use Planning – A Seat at the Table Louwana Oliva
Planning Sustainability and Parking Title Slide Allan Pollock
Sustainable Milestones and Challenges at CU Tom Christian
collapse Session : Shared Mobility Partnerships: Working Together to Improve Community Mobility ‎(1)
Shared Mobility Partnerships Working Together to Improve Community Mobility Title Slide Alexander D. Clifford
collapse Session : Structuring Financial Partnerships – Where’s the Money? ‎(3)
Contracting to Support Revenue Recovery in University Communities Kimberly Fragola
Structuring Financial Partnerships – Wheres the Money Title Slide Alexander D. Clifford
The Small Transit Intensive Cities Program and Other Federal Funding Opportunities Chris Giglio
collapse Session : Student Engagement, Communication, and Marketing ‎(3)
Building Talent in a Changing Transportation Landscape Charlie Grab and Ryan Visci
I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends Moira Bindner
Student Engagement, Communication, and Marketing Title Slide Jacki Lenners
collapse Session : UPASS Programs – New Trends ‎(3)
TCRP Synthesis 131 College Student Transit Pass Programs Mariela Garcia Colberg
The Incremental Approach – How Flagstaffs Mountain Line took small steps toward reaching the ultimate UPASS goal Jacki Lenners
UPASS Programs – New Trends Title Slide Andrew Johnson
collapse Session : Zero Emission Buses Are Here…Are You Ready? ‎(6)
APTA Public Transportation Technology and University Showcase Presentation Dale Hill
Byd Bus Introduction – University Fleets Operations Bobby Hill
New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE™ XE35, XE40 and XE60 Battery Electric Buses David Warren
Proteras Experience in Supporting University Transit University of Montana Dale Hill and Jordan Hess
Small, Rural, and Electric If we can do it, you can too Jordan Hess
Zero Emission Buses Are Here Are You Ready Title Slide Jeff Hiott

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