Presentations and technical papers are now available for many of the sessions from the conference. If you attended the 2018 Rail Conference, held June 10-13, 2018, in Denver, Colorado. You will have access to view the conference materials and you must be logged into MyAPTA. If you did not attend the conference, APTA members will have access to view the materials three months after the last day of the conference.



Session: A Matter of Perspective: On-Time Performance on the National Rail Network ‎(4)
APTA Roundtable On Commuter Rail On Time Performance Brennan, John
If the Train is Unreliable, Why Not Just Change the Schedule? Maga, Jason
Prioritizing Performance Byers, Ed
Towards a Passenger-Focused On-Time Performance Metric for Commuter Rail Rosenbaum, Ted
Session: Advancements in Technology Against Threats ‎(6)
Advancements in Technology to Protect Against Threats to Prevent Accidents/Incidents McHenry, Chet
Delivering Innovation in CBTC and Energy Management Jurjevich, Benjamin
Greener Pastures? Leveraging Existing Systems & Potential Benefits of New Technologies Thomas, Doug
Intelligence, Safety, and Efficient Transit Siwek, Matthew
Leveraging Existing Systems to Produce High-quality, Real-time, Passenger Information for Rail Service Bernstein, Daniel
Protecting Roadway Worked With an Electronic Overlay – a Demonstration Smith, Kevin
Session: An International Perspective on Best Value ‎(4)
Best Value – An International Perspective Goad, Brandon
Best Value Procurement Lucas, Ted
Best Value Procurements Cornell, Natalie
The Vision of the European Rail Supply Industry Citroen, Phillipe
Session: Become a Lean, Mean Procurement Machine ‎(4)
IRIS Certification – High Performance for Business Management Kaufmann, Bernard
Lean Process Automation for Transit Severson, Steve
Rolling Stock Procurement – Best Practice Tamaoki, Momoko
Total Cost of Ownership as a Guideline in the Procurement of Rail Assets Hodksinson, Ian
Session: Brave New World: Changing the Operations Playbook ‎(4)
Big Data to Improve the Quality of Operations: Applications to Crossrail in London Montanaro, Guiliano
Denver Transit Operators: Operations Systems Integration for Commuter Rail Operations & Maintenance Herzenberg,Anne_Koenig,Brett_Altshuler, Susan
LRT Enhancements Project Conable,Nathan_Kim, Jason
TriMet Light Rail Simulation: Study for Operational Playbook Development Page, Dennis
Session: Capital Programs – Mega Projects ‎(3)
Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project Eggleston, Katharine
London Bridge – Designing a Major Station for the Next Fifty Years Hutton, Andrew
Planning Transit Mega Projects – Crossrail 2 and Northern Powerhouse Rain in the UK and Lessons for North America Pauling, Stephen
Session: Captial Programs – Regional Activies ‎(3)
Capital Improvement Program Development in Long-Range Integrated Strategic Planning Cornfield, Michael
CRMF – A DB Experience From Designer’s Point of View Reinard, Nathan
HS Trains in Switzerland: An Successful Example of Interconnection also Without High Speed Lines Montanaro, Giuliano
Session: Control Centers Co-Locating Bus & Rail ‎(2)
Control Centers: Co-locating Bus & Rail: Pros and Cons Rasmussen, Tesse
Potential Impact of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology in the Control Center Talbot, Mark_Stanton, Carl
Session: Enterprise Risk Management A Safety Management System ‎(4)
Enterprise Risk Management: Approaching Safety Management Systems with Automation Federle, Dick
Safety Management System Shaw, Sheldon
SMS – Enterprise Risk Management Meader, Mike
SMS and Enterprise Risk Management Orchard, Paulina
Session: Eyes in the Sky – The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ‎(3)
Denver RTD’s UAV Program Nabhan, Mike
Special Operations Aerial Reconnaissance Unit (S.O.A.R.) Saunders, Jr., Sgt. Will
Unmanned Aerial System Applications in International Railroads Sherrock, Eric_Stuart, Cameron
Session: Good Planning Leads to Good Projects ‎(1)
BQX Moving People, Connecting Communities Giambrone, Adam
Session: How Fragile is your Supply Chain ‎(4)
Chicago Transit Authority – How Fragile is your Supply Chain? McCormack, Ellen
How Fragile is your Supply Chain? – Inclusion & Diversity in the Supply Chain Process Thomas, Janice
Supply Chain Management Nicholas, Adam
Track 5: How Fragile is Your Supply Chain? Hill, Beverly
Session: Improving Transit Asset Management Practices ‎(1)
Improving Transit Asset Management Practices Rose, David
Session: Interships, Partnerships, Innovation Approaches ‎(2)
Metro Transit – Light Rail: MTTLRT Internship Program & Light Rail Training Division Improvement Pradhan, Ona
Valley Metro Internships: A Two-Way Partnership Grote, Wulf
Session: Maintenance Failure to Foresite ‎(3)
Digital Asset Management: How Data Can Improve Asset Management Bana, Frederic
Lessons Learned from SafeTrack WMATA’s Accelerated Maintenance Program Mason, Laura_Baker, Bill
Maintaining a Legacy Transit Railroad Binsse, John
Session: Navigating the Environmental Process ‎(3)
Long Bridge: Key Stakeholders Coordination for Success Gonzalez, Oscar
Modernizing the NEPA Process via a Virtual GIS-Based Platform Lyles, Kelly_Molesworth, Lauren
South Station Expansion; Successful NEPA Management Drives a Project Forward Petrie, Essek
Session: Orgnaizational Developlemt Practices and Strategies ‎(3)
Improving Employee & Organizational Performance LaRocco, Nick
Survive and Thrive Through Succession Hartsock, Vernon_Pollack, Matthew
Use of Multi-Functional Staff in Metro Systems Across the World Barron, Alex
Session: Passenger Equipment Innovation Through Standards and Regulations ‎(3)
49 CFR Part 238 Equipment Rule: Changes are on the Way! Vazquez, Rudy_Sundaram, Narayana
Heavy Rail Vehicle Procurement: Orange Line and Red Line Hicks, Stephens
Next Generation Passenger Brake Equipment Development Update: Light at the End of the Tunnel Jamieson, Paul
Session: Preventing Miscommunication with Your Signaling System ‎(3)
APTA Signal Standards Program Overview MacDonald, Robert
APTA Track Circuit Monitoring Tool Applications Beeck, Frank
Preventing LRV Signal Stop Overruns in Street Running Territories Padegimas, Paul_Castellion, Lee
Session: Preventing Rail Suicides and Trespasser Strikes ‎(4)
Mental Health Awareness & Trespass Prevention Stategies Konczal, Hilary
Preventing International Death by Rail Sherry, Patrick
Preventing Rail-Related Injuries and Fatalities Through Public Education and Outreach McCoy, Mike
Update on U.S. Rail Trespassing & Suicide: Research Findings & Needs Rose, Joyce
Session: Prioritizing Rail in the Region ‎(4)
Getting Rail to the Redlands Schindler, Carrie_Klovsky, Rob
Green Line Extension (GLX) Project Recovery Dalton, John
Planning and Implementing a Seamless Mobility System Across California Gradinger, Kyle
Project Recovery Due to Guiding Goal Set by Transit Agency CEO Ong, Kimberly
Session: PTC Challenge Accepted ‎(3)
Amtrak: Coast to Coast Implementation of PTC Jagodzinski, Chris
Establishing Wireless Communications Security in Legacy PTC Systems Ayrault, Philippe
Positive Train Control Morris, Darren_Brown, Katie
Session: PTC Facing the Mirror ‎(4)
Lessons Learned Implementing Speed Enforcement to Meet 49CFR 236.1019(b)(1) using PTC (I-ETMS) at Los Angeles Union Station Rodriguez, Michael_Mancilla, Emerald
Lessons Learned in Implementing E-ATC for PTC Cline, James
PTC and “Full Implementation” Hartong, Mark
PTC Update, Issues, Risks and Challenges Marcheschi, Bruce
Session: Security Enterprise Risk Management in Cyber Security ‎(3)
Critical Infrastructure and Security Sensitive Information Miller, Allen_Sandoval, Marisela
Cyber Monitoring in Modern Transit Smith, Justin
Cyber Security Resistance: Why Are We Stuck? Weber, Leigh
Session: State Safety Oversite Updates from FTA ‎(2)
Colorado Public Utilities Commission: State Safety Oversight Part 674 Certification Process Fischhaber, Pam
State Safety Oversights Updates Nemons, Patrick
Session: Station Area Access Planning ‎(4)
Environmental Justice Issues in Passenger Rail: The Bad with the Good La Fata, Cathy
First and Last Mile Innovations DesRocher, Paul
From Collaboration to Consensus: How to Navigate Stakeholder Challenges Velickovic, Natasha
The Caltrain Station Planning Toolbox Scanlon, Liz_Conable, Nate
Session: Streetcars & Light Rail Boosting Performance and Smart Expansions ‎(4)
Progress in Light Rail / Streetcar Vehicle Off-Wire Technology Swanson, John
Streetcars are Growing Up – Expanding from a Starter Line to a Transit Network Vozzolo, David
The State of Light Rail Transit in America Foley, Colin
Which Lane? Developing a Streetcar Extension “Best Lane” Analysis under Public Scrutiny Kinzel, Christopher
Session: Sustainability & Resiliency Strategies ‎(3)
A Path to Higher Ground: Building Flood Resiliency Molesworth, Lauren_McAlpine, Ryan
Developing and Growing Sustainability Programs for an Organization Gonzalez Tudor, Janet
Division 14 Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility Lindholm, Tim_Leidy, Don
Session: The Art of Making Maintenance Manageable ‎(4)
Eliminate the Paper, Analyze the Data – Implement a Mobile Rolling PM Application Mall, Kenneth
How Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is Affecting Transit Agency Rail Maintenance McKenzie-Campbell, Roma
Improving Access (or how to get something from nothing) Williams, Gordon
Smart Maintenance Linnenkamp, Ellen
Session: TOD Planning and Practices ‎(2)
Effective Tools for TOD Planning Chissell, Zachary
TOC Initiatives and Funding Strategies in Los Angeles Swartz, John
Session: Tracks for Tomorrow, Today ‎(3)
FTA’s Track Inspection and Track Asset Management Research and Demonstration Wagley, Raj_Joshi, Abhay_Keylin, Alexander_Zahaczewski, Jennifer
Mechanistic Design of Rail Transit Infrastructure Components – Project Summary, Select Findings, and Crosstie Prototyping Edwards, Riley_Dersch, Marcus_Lima, Arthur_Sung, Minsoo
NYCT Maintenance Innovation Using Research Magel, Eric
Session: Unlimited Power! Traction Power Innovation ‎(3)
Overhead Contact System Constant Tensioning With Spring Devices Hrovat, Peter
Strategic Design Alternatives for Underground Medium Voltage Traction Power Shah, Aditya
The Super Bowl Event – Unlocking the Potential of Traction Power Simulation Modeling to aid in Event Planning Miller, Kevin
Session: Vehicle Track Interaction ‎(2)
Curve Noise and Friction Modifiers: A Case Study Mitchell, Davey_Saurenman, Hugh
Rail Clip Failure Investigation at Sound Transit Bergen, Thomas_Nelson, James
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