Join industry leading transit Risk managers and Safety professionals when APTA hosts a thought provoking seminar with special tracks for transit Risk management professionals and Safety professionals.

About the Mid-Year Safety Seminar

The Mid-Year Safety Seminar provides an opportunity for Safety professionals in public transportation to discuss pertinent safety issues as well as learn from Federal and state partners, network, and gain important knowledge on safety issues. By participating in this event, it is a great opportunity to learn from our Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) partners on recently passed final safety rules and regulations, federal oversight, and technical assistance programs.

Furthermore, at the seminar, best practices will be shared by transit and rail agencies as well as business members throughout the country in regards to Safety Management Systems (SMS), Safety Certification, Battery Electric Bus Safety, Operator and Transit Worker Assaults, APTA Standards, Cybersecurity, Collision Avoidance, and Trespassing Awareness. The agenda includes speakers and presenters who are leaders in the fields of bus and rail operational safety, training, research, and safety management.

Who should attend: Transit agency chief safety officers and directors, bus and rail operational safety staff, APTA business members (including safety engineering/software/technology firms, manufacturers, consultants and contractors), state safety oversight staff, and federal and state partners (including but not limited to FTA, FRA, NTSB, and TSA).

About the Risk Management Seminar

This is the only Risk Management Seminar specifically designed for risk management professionals involved in transit risk management. The seminar is intended to bring presentations and speakers to our industry specialists that will focus on workers’ compensation, insurance updates, emerging technology, environmental exposures, post-covid practices, and battery electric bus fires.

Who will attend risk managers, claims/safety/security officers and professionals, insurance underwriting professionals, insurance brokers and suppliers of products and services relevant to the risk management industry.

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