Siemens Mobility 2022 Family Day

Target Audience: All Siemens Mobility Rolling Stock and Customer Service Employees including family and friends in the greater Sacramento area.

Strategy Objective:We wanted to express appreciation to our employees and their families who supported them during the pandemic by providing a free experience. Event hosted across our 60+ acre manufacturing plant included carnival games, activities, and featured live music by our employee formed band. Various food trucks were offered to appeal to our diverse workforce. A safe, self-guided tour walked guests through our manufacturing process for our rolling stock vehicles with employees stationed to answer questions. We advertised internally using TV monitors, flyers, digital newsletters, and word of mouth encouraging all employees to attend. Attendees participated in a scavenger hunt to receive a Siemens train coloring book and had the opportunity to experience a ride on our business class passenger coach.

Situation Challenge: After over two years of working through a pandemic, Siemens Mobility values its workers and wanted to express appreciation to more than 2,500 workers while showcasing the highly skilled jobs that are offered at our manufacturing plant in Sacramento, CA. This event builds on the company culture of promoting work-life balance which translates to employee longevity and retention.

Results Impact: We engaged with over 4,000 employees, friends, and families during our 2022 Family Day. Giving over 1,500 Siemens vehicle coloring books to guests, donating over 200 coloring books and coloring pages to local schools, Special Olympics in Sacramento, and Sacramento RT. By giving families and organizations branded promotional items we generated brand awareness helping solidify relationships we have with our employees, transit customers, and local community. Employees expressed pride for being part of a company that's a global leader in providing rolling stock and sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation. We also received positive feedback, one dad said he was thrilled to show his workplace and encourage his high school son to explore our job training program.

Why Submit: Siemens Mobility's 2022 Family Day showed a great example of a re-creatable special event that can honor our long-term and newer employees on a bi-annual basis. We are proud of the Committee's, led by Marketing, ability to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities to plan and coordinate this internally branded employee-wide event. This contributed to a positive work culture experience. By providing a fun, thoughtful event geared towards engaging with our employees, and including their friends and families, we were able to communicate management's appreciation for the continued dedication of our essential workforce. This helps create loyalty and trust, which we believe supports employee retention and encourages potential applicants.