Siemens Mobility High Speed Rail Comprehensive Campaign

Target Audience: Our target audience for this entry was the Federal Railroad Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Congress, State governments, and current and future customers.

Strategy Objective:The ultimate objective of this campaign was to increase brand visibility around high speed rail in the U.S., continue to educate people on why high-speed rail is necessary in the U.S., and combat the negativity around wasteful spending. We supported this objective by implementing a 360 degree campaign, featuring web and creative, paid advertising, employee engagement, press, trade shows and events, thought leadership, executive positioning, and social media. This is a strategic campaign with many layers evolving over time, with two different flights pushed out in summer and winter of 2022.

Situation Challenge: The U.S. is falling behind the rest of the world in high speed rail. High speed rail has the power to completely transform communities by creating jobs and infrastructure through sustainable rail travel, but the U.S. is lacking the societal and financial benefits it brings.

Results Impact: Our initial flight in the summer of 2022 resulted in 2.9M impressions, 500k engagements and 7k clicks. Our programmatic campaign resulted in 1.2M impressions and a .37% click through rate. Our paid social media campaign ran across Facebook and LinkedIn resulted in a total 1.7M impressions and 540k video views. To date of this submission our second flight has been in market one week. In this short period we have generated a total of 1.8M impressions, 61K of which were from the Navy Yard takeover with more than 80 placements across the station. This campaign will continue through the end of January 2023. This entry produced a well-rounded campaign that increased brand visibility around high speed rail in the U.S., combatted negativity and educated people on why high speed rail is necessary.

Why Submit: This campaign has proved successful by balancing efficiencies, performance, brand exposure, brand alignment and its target audience to refocus the conversation about high speed rail towards a positive growth story for jobs, sustainability and infrastructure. Though flight two has not yet completed, this campaign has been able to reach our target audience and further highlight the need for high speed rail in the U.S. Here in America, we can connect communities and transform the way that we travel through investing in high speed rail. By planting the seed of high speed rail, we see a future that includes connection in ways we have never seen before. The future of high speed rail begins today.