C-TRAN - hiring campaign

Target Audience: The target audience for this entry was any potential C-TRAN employee, and the general public.

Strategy Objective:The strategy was to create a highly targeted and effective digital campaign, formulated to convey the benefits of becoming a C-TRAN employee. To do this, C-TRAN created "We put the care back in career" campaign, comprised of a 15-second and 30-second commercial highlighting some of C-TRAN's front-line staff and showcasing their reasons for becoming a valuable C-TRAN team member. From our team environment to employee support, personnel training, a focus on family and amazing employee benefits, our intent was to tell a compelling story from those who live it. Employee statements were recorded in a question-and-answer format, and all answers were unscripted. C-TRAN also created a series of digital ads to accompany the commercial.

Situation Challenge: C-TRAN, like so many other transit agencies, has seen an uptick in open and unfilled driver positions. This deficit has posed many challenges including the inability to maintain published schedules which impacts service reliability. C-TRAN needed to attract several qualified applicants to help fill these openings.

Results Impact: The six-month campaign consistently netted over 340,000 impressions per month, with a 54% video completion rate and a 99% audio completion rate that's well above the average for digital campaigns. It also resulted in a strong 11 percent increase in applicant submissions during the six months the campaign was active. Aside from successfully attracting new applicants, the campaign also gave the general public a compelling look at the team environment that defines C-TRAN, improving our brand in the process.

Why Submit: Prior to this campaign, the agency struggled to bring in enough applicants to help fill vacancies; however, once the campaign began to air across digital platforms, C-TRAN was able to invite over 120 qualified applicants for interviews related to open positions during the six-month period the campaign ran.