Tri Delta Transit Be Kind to Drivers and Each Other

Target Audience: Be Kind to Drivers and Each Other was run for riders and drivers during these difficult times. With the every changing rules and uncertainty, there was a lot of anxiety, lack of patience, short tempers and more. This message was designed to remind everyone that we are all going through tough times and all need a little understanding and kindness.

Strategy Objective:The strategy of the Be Kind campaign was to be inclusive and show that we are all in this together. We are all experiencing the same issues and the same anxiety. We also wanted to convey that the drivers were there to help you even though they are experiencing the same things as riders were.

Situation Challenge: The situation was the length of the pandemic overall. When the message was run on social media and as a car card in all fixed route buses, the pandemic had already been going on for over a year. Rules were changing by the day. Administration, drivers, riders and all effective were running short on patience. Everyone just wanted the pandemic to be over.

Results Impact: Though there was not a great way to measure the effectiveness with the riders, drivers and management conveyed that the message was well received and appreciated. The graphic was even requested to be posted in the drivers' room. The Be Kind campaign was the start of a focus to create graphics and messages that include the drivers so that they feel included and appreciated. After all as essential workers, they just keep serving the public throughout the pandemic no matter the challenges.

Why Submit: During the pandemic, much of the campaigns and materials focused on the regulations and required elements in dealing with the pandemic, being: messages on cleaning, social distancing, wearing masks, changing regulations, changing schedules, driver shortage and more. Tri Delta Transit selected this campaign (though we did the others too) because it addresses the very human elements that everyone was experiencing - the anxiety and stress - that everyone was feeling....including the drivers. Many forget that drivers, who work long hours, work when others wouldn't, and service the public faithfully are people too. Everyone deserves kindness.