Covid-19 videos

Target Audience: The target audience includes stakeholders, local government officials, customers and the general viewing public.

Strategy Objective:Information is power. That has never been more important than during this global pandemic. The strategy for developing our multimedia entries on the Making Moves television show is to develop informative, intellectually stimulating, and captivating local content about the JTA and transportation-related news. The professionally-produced program also showcases the JTA's efforts to advance transit in the Jacksonville area, as well as trending topical issues, such as the organization's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Making Moves enables the Authority to provide a comprehensive accounting of taxpayer dollars by presenting detailed stories on transportation initiatives in the City.

Situation Challenge: JTA used several multimedia platforms to reach its target audience including its long-running and highly successful television show, Making Moves, as well as its vibrant social media outlets. The Authority's internal Covid-19 messaging was also carried via JTA in-house broadcasts. Keen attention was placed on providing critical information without bombarding the audience (both internal and external) with doom and gloom type announcements.

Results Impact: Making Moves is one of the highest rated, independently produced programs in the Jacksonville television market. The show, now in its 14th full season on-air, garners 360,000 viewers annually. Its ratings top many nationally syndicated programs such as Ellen, Wendy Williams, Extra, and People's Court. Thousands more were reached though our robust social media platforms and in-house broadcasts.

Why Submit: The Making Moves segments on the JTA's community response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic provided the community and industry colleagues valuable insight into the organization's commitment to providing transit service while maintain a safe environment for employees and customers. The submission should win the AdWheel award because Making Moves is Northeast Florida's premier source for transportation news and information. Throughout the pandemic, Making Moves and JTA's other multimedia outlets, provided critical information on JTA's efforts to fight the Covid-19 virus, protect our citizens, and underscore to stakeholders that the Authority is delivering on commitments to better our community.