Foothill Transit Double Deck Bus Social Video to Promote New Double Deck Bus

Target Audience: This video was targeted to the Foothill Transit community and Facebook users in the local area (based on zip codes) that are interested in buses and public transit.

Strategy Objective:To spread awareness and generate excitement around the double deck buses before they hit the streets, we developed a high-energy video showing the transformation of applying the Foothill Transit livery design. We wanted to maximize reach and video views, generate positive reactions, and drive people to the website efficiently.

Situation Challenge: We were looking for ways to generate excitement and spread knowledge of Foothill Transit's new all-electric double deck buses, the first in North America! Rather than simply producing a video and/or landing page for the website, we felt it was best to spread the word via social media as well. This was in hopes of getting users onto our website to learn more about our new buses.

Results Impact: We were successful in in executing our strategy per the metrics we tracked: 33,439 Reach, 54,453 Thruplays, Cost per Thruplay of $0.04, Click-Through Rate of 0.96% and 402 positive engagements (reactions, comments, shares) out of a total of 410.

Why Submit: We submitted this entry because it displays our ability to successfully spread information and garner positive sentiment around our brand. This fun and fast paced video generated lots of excitement about the impeding launch of the double deck bus with some not-usually-seen footage of how the livery wrap is applied. The execution was quick turn, cost-effective, and successful in meeting our intended goals – things just about anyone would want from a social media video, or any other type of ad.