LYNX Social Media Content to Increase User Engagement

Target Audience: The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) target audiences for this entry were our current and new social media users.

Strategy Objective:Our content creation strategy entails creating vibrant and on-trend content that will tie into our overall branding. Weekly, we review the social media landscape for any trending topics and notable holidays that can be incorporated into our social media in an effort to increase our engagement and exposure, as well as provide laughter and fun for our users.

Situation Challenge: With people spending more time at home due to COVID-19, social networking platforms have seen an increase in consumer usage within the past year and a half. As a result of this increase, we saw this as a great opportunity for LYNX to elevate and humanize our branding efforts on social by finding creative and fun ways to educate and engage our audiences.

Results Impact: Our weekly new content has given the LYNX brand a more fun and entertaining voice while remaining inclusive and sensitive of the issues that affect our communities on a local and national scale. Rather than presenting just our weekly transportation and COVID-19 updates, we have been able to showcase a more human element of our brand using vibrant imagery and graphics, while educating our audiences. As a result of our efforts, with our new illustrative concepts we have been able to reach more than 400,000 weekly users and 1.3 million weekly total impressions just on Facebook, our most active platform.

Why Submit: The pandemic has proven the importance and value of offering our riders a memorable experience, both online and in-person, and with COVID-19 came a new wave of content creation that needed to be relevant and engaging while remaining sensitive in our messaging. While our efforts of providing fun and vibrant illustrative social media content have helped to increase our engagement, we are especially proud of the positive impact the content has made on riders. Whether it was a simple laugh or a smile, we were happy to provide a bit of inspiration and fun to lift our customers spirits when they needed it the most.