Siemens Mobility Solutions Brochure

Target Audience: Transit customers and potential customers.

Strategy Objective:The objective for creating this literature folder with corresponding product and service data sheets is to show the innovative services that can be tailored to meet our transit customers and potential customers individual needs to deliver maximum availability, reliability, and return on their investment.

Situation Challenge: Over the years Siemens Mobility, Inc. has increased its portfolio of services offered. To easily distribute this information, we created a brochure that briefly describes each product or service offering from our various business sectors. This can be distributed in person, through email, or via online platforms (such as email or downloading from our website).

Results Impact: By creating this document, we anticipate higher sales and greater customer awareness of our offerings. Siemens Mobility offers transit solutions from every angle and is dedicated to meet our transit and potential customers needs to provide the best return on their investment.

Why Submit: This literature package sets Siemens above all car builders and shows that we are not just a manufacturing company, but a partner that knows our customers and their vehicle and service needs. Siemens has over 100 years of rail service expertise and a global network of experts that can help build vehicles that meet our customers specific needs, ensure their vehicles are maintained, that spare parts are readily available, complete upgrades as technology evolves, and provide electrifications solutions, signaling and controlling systems to create the relevant conditions for enhanced safety, punctuality, speed, capacity, and energy efficiency.