C-TRAN - 40th Anniversary

Target Audience: The target audience for this entry was the general public—including C-TRAN riders and non-riders, citizens of Clark County and each jurisdiction in our service area.

Strategy Objective:For the centerpiece of C-TRAN's 40th anniversary celebration, C-TRAN worked with an unusual partner: the Clark County Historical Museum. Both organizations worked together to create a museum exhibit exploring the history of transportation in Clark County, with a focus on C-TRAN's first 40 years. This involved months of collaboration in going through historic photos, gathering physical items from C-TRAN's history, plus writing and editing the narrative story for seven large display panels. The exhibit remained prominently on display at the Vancouver Community Library starting around the time of C-TRAN's anniversary in July 2021, and remaining there for the rest of the year. C-TRAN also worked with the museum to create a video featuring the exhibit to generate increased interest.

Situation Challenge: In 2021, C-TRAN marked 40 years in service. Since first rolling out in July 1981, C-TRAN has experienced tremendous growth and change alongside the region we've served for four decades. C-TRAN has known for years that we somehow wanted to celebrate our 40th anniversary with the public, and tell our story—and with it, Clark County's story—in a compelling way. The arrival of the pandemic forced us to rethink how best to do that with community health and safety in mind.

Results Impact: When the museum exhibit first opened at the Vancouver Community Library, more than two dozen community leaders and invited guests attended, showing strong support for C-TRAN and its mission. The video featuring the museum exhibit generated more than 3,000 views on Facebook and YouTube. But the exhibit was only part of C-TRAN's 40th anniversary celebration activities in 2021, all of which generated positive feedback and engagement from the community. C-TRAN staff also held small pop-up events to greet riders and give away swag items. As part of a series of online contests, including a scavenger hunt selfie contest centered around various Clark County landmarks, C-TRAN gave away additional swag and special edition 40th anniversary Hop Fastpass fare cards.

Why Submit: C-TRAN's 40th anniversary in 2021 created a unique opportunity to celebrate an important milestone, and unique challenges in doing so during a pandemic. The solution of joining forces with the Clark County Historical Museum, another organization with deep ties to the community, created a celebration of not only C-TRAN, but the history of our community itself and C-TRAN's role in it. The partnership created something neither organization could have done alone.