Caltrain: Holiday Transit Yule Log

Target Audience: The audience was the global online transit community and people looking for fun holiday content.

Strategy Objective:One of the more popular Holiday video memes is the "Yule Log" video. The concept originated on TV holiday programming when networks aired roaring fires for families without fireplaces. The concept moved to the internet and Yule Log videos served as a novel way to enjoy a crackling fire. Quickly the genre took on a life of its own with fun and quirky Yule Log videos popping up seasonally; created by everyone from corporations to amateur pop-culture meme masters. We decided to own the Transit Yule Log space.

Situation Challenge: The holiday season offered a good opportunity to create topical brand content.

Results Impact: The Caltrain Holiday Transit YuleLog has received thousands of views since it's debut in 2019. Every year rail fans from around the globe tune in to comment on their favorite vehicle featured during the 2.5 hours of smooth transit service delivered by the warm hearth. The yule log gif has been shared hundreds of times on giphy spreading the multi-model cheer of the holiday season. We look forward to the happy comments thanking us every year for the yule log and for providing excellent public transportation to all our Caltrain riders.

Why Submit: The debut of the Caltrain Yule Log is considered as the beginning of the holiday season by transit enthusiasts everywhere. It is the only transit-friendly, multimodal Yule Log in the world. It's a fun thing, we identified a meme and wanted to further the cause of transit in a popular content space. That's our yule logic, anyway.