Cherriots road equity video, "Share the Road"

Target Audience: Cherriots created our "Share the Road" video targeting drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Strategy Objective:Our goal is to encourage these groups to be more respectful, conscientious and to understand that people in each of these groups have the exact same concerns and that with a little effort and thought they can ensure everyone's safety.

Situation Challenge: Over the years of conducting community outreach, we found that there is often tension between drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Rather than simply listing rules and regulations, we wanted to present the idea of road equity in a fun and educational manner.

Results Impact: The intended result is heightened awareness of the humanity of each group and how personal responsibility will lead to better interactions. We also aim to have a more thoughtful and safe community.

Why Submit: Cherriots was recognized last year with an AdWheel Grand Award for our Team Cherriots characters, so we built upon their popularity by creating Jabber (a custom puppet based on one of the characters) to use in this video. Jabber acts as a supplement to the narration and provides a bit of humor and continuity from scene to scene. Using Jabber added a lightheartedness to the presentation making our video fun and unique, but still on point.