Link Transit Electrification Ribbon Cutting & Transportation Summit

Target Audience: In August, Link Transit invited state, regional and local elected government officials along with transportation industry innovators and leaders to take part in an event to celebrate its electrification project -- specifically to mark the occasion of its successful installation of three 300-Kilowatt Momentum Dynamics wireless chargers. The program was designed to bring together regional leaders to celebrate and advocate for funding to support zero emission technology investment in public transportation. After participating in the ribbon-cutting event, leaders were invited to take part in a conversation about future funding needs to sustain the region's effort to lower its carbon footprint. The second part of the day was conducted in a public town hall format.

Strategy Objective:The strategy for this event was to celebrate the successful use of federal and state grant funds to create the infrastructure for Link Transit's successful electrification project and buildout of EV car charger infrastructure in the region. By gathering state, national and regional stakeholders to this event, Link was able to use this opportunity to share regional transportation priorities that align with the agency's goals to make public transportation more efficient, cost effective and relevant for its guests and potential guests. Additionally, it was an opportunity to showcase shared infrastructure needs and wants with those in the position to advocate for funding.

Situation Challenge: Link Transit was looking for a way to honor legislative leaders who had helped to procure funding for its electrification project while bringing attention to the industry leaders and partners that have made advancing Link's mission to electrify its urban fleet possible. It also was an occasion to recognize Link's leadership in supporting development of free EV charging locations in North Central Washington, thus decreasing the region's carbon footprint and encouraging EV users to travel via public transportation while waiting for their cars to charge at park and ride locations. By sharing this information with legislative leaders, Link leadership hopes to continue to leverage funding to continue to develop its electric fleet and the region's EV infrastructure.

Results Impact: Through the organization of this event, Link Transit staff and board members were able to engage in face-to-face conversations with local, regional and state elected officials and industry leaders about the needs and wants related to transportation infrastructure funding in North Central Washington. Link's staff worked in close partnership with city and community leaders to create a unified narrative of local infrastructure priorities that, if funded, have the potential for a positive regional impact.

Why Submit: We feel this effort is deserving of an AdWheel award because it shows how our staff used what could have been a simple ribbon cutting event to bring attention to regional transportation infrastructure priorities. Additional, it created an opportunity to pitch those priorities to those in the position to advocate for the funding that could make the buildout of those priorities possible.