METRO curb2curb Brochure

Target Audience: The brochure message was designed to appeal to the average everyday person living in the Missouri City area, providing service to anyone and everyone in a specific zone with just a call on their phone or tap of the app.

Strategy Objective:The METRO marketing team set a modest 10% ridership increase as the objective for this endeavor. We created a comprehensive brochure as the centerpiece of our campaign designed to focus on the name change and better inform people about the new service in their community. The METRO team hit the ground running with grass roots outreach methods. We placed teams at the Missouri City Hall and even joined in on some local community meetings to get the word out to everyone. These brochures were distributed exclusively on connecting area METRO bus routes, inside the city hall lobby and area grocery stores that promote METRO Services and our fare items. We did this with internal staff and no cost other than employee time and materials via our in-house print shop.

Situation Challenge: METRO's Community Connector circulator launched in the Missouri City area to modest success. Unfortunately, not enough people knew about the service to maintain continued growth. Therefore, we needed to spread the word by creating a new and more recognizable identity that would help increase awareness, generate a sense of efficacy and overall interest in the service – say hello to METRO curb2curb.

Results Impact: METRO's newly renamed curb2curb service was successful in both educating riders and raising public awareness among the public. The good news is that we achieved our objective, increasing the overall curb2curb ridership in just eight months from 530 to 583 total riders for FY 2021 – a total increase of 10%.

Why Submit: The curb2curb brochure deserves an AdWheel because it provided the public with step-by-step instructions on how to book a ride, pay their fare and even download the convenient companion app for FREE. This brochure was a reintroduction to the service and educated them on every aspect of curb2curb. The people responded and, as a result, we achieved our goal!