USD Multimodal Transit Ecosystem Paves the Way for Mobility Access

Target Audience: In October 2021, TransLoc, Spin, and Ford Mobility partnered with the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) to deliver an improved multimodal mobility experience to 75,000 students traveling between classes, research labs, student organization fairs, grab-and-go dining services, and an endless list of other Triton activities. Anyone venturing from point A to point B on the 2,178 acre campus can take advantage of the joint effort between TransLoc's transportation software solutions and Spin's micromobility.

Strategy Objective:TransLoc's flexible and intuitive transit orchestration software supports UC San Diego's existing transit system with real-time location and capacity data, on-demand door-to-door services, and vehicle dispatching capabilities to UC San Diego's fleet of 40 fixed-route buses, shuttles and electric carts. Spin helps fill the first mile/last mile gaps by supplying 600 e-bikes and e-scooters to the campus. Nine Spin Hubs — high-tech docking stations that display transit system information while riders charge or park their e-scooters — help riders plan for their journey. The combined efforts unite fixed route, on-demand microtransit, and micromobility for a campus that doubles the population of a neighboring city, ultimately connecting a connecting a community with the freedom of mobility.

Situation Challenge: UC San Diego has a long-standing commitment to reduce its carbon footprint while also supporting healthy and efficient transit opportunities for a large and diverse campus population. The combined services of TransLoc and Spin make it possible for the university to reduce carbon emissions, leverage their investments in transportation, and make the final leg of commuting easier for everyone on campus. There is so much untapped potential for multimodal transit approaches in communities across the nation, with early adopters like UC San Diego setting an example in the transit sector.

Results Impact: The five-year exclusive agreement delivers sustainable transportation modes for the university's 75,000 students, faculty and staff –– improving mobility access across the entire campus. In addition to Transloc's transit software dispatching and tracking more than 40 buses along fixed routes on campus, the UC San Diego community took more than 63,000 trips using Spin's e-bikes and scooters in the first month of 2020's fall quarter alone –– totaling more than 53,000 miles. TransLoc and Spin's multimodal approach to transportation at UC San Diego is cost-effective for riders and operators, in addition to lessening environmental impact and creating space to pivot when ridership behavior changes.

Why Submit: The future of transportation is multimodal. It's about affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use options that complement one another and create a seamless rider journey. TransLoc, Spin, and Ford took an innovative leap toward improving mobility systems across the United States, with intent to future-proof transportation systems using sustainable and equitable practices. There is significant opportunity to expand this mobility suite to corporate campuses, municipalities, airports and more. Micromobility is critical to modern transit, along with traditional fixed-route and on-demand microtransit services. A comprehensive solution that leverages the muscle of this mobility trinity is the type of eco-friendly and forward-thinking transportation planning that communities need now.