We're Still in this Together

Target Audience: The general transit riding public.

Strategy Objective:Ensure that the general public was aware that masks are required on public transportation and to also ensure that everyone felt like we know it's hard, but that we're all in this together!

Situation Challenge: We wanted to create a short video public service announcement to encourage the general public to continue wearing masks onboard our vehicles. We wanted everyone to feel proud and happy that we were in this together and wanted to ensure everyone's collective health and safety.

Results Impact: Reaction from clients and passengers across the country was very positive and in many cases, our clients helped share this PSA across all their available channels as well to support and reinforce the communication.

Why Submit: We wanted to make people feel more positive about having to wear masks while riding and help communicate that we were doing this for our collective health and safety. The reaction from the public was overwhelmingly positive!